the beginning.

So I decided to start this blog because I feel like I need a place to express all of my feelings. This is a fresh start for me, moving from New Jersey to Maryland. It seemed like such a big step at first, but now that I’m almost settled in, it almost feels like I’m right where I belong. Everyone is so nice here; from the bank tellers, to complete strangers in stores. Its completely different than NJ. As people say in NJ, “Jersey is a lifestyle,” and they are exactly right. I’ve lived there my whole life and I can point out at least five things that are different from here; driving styles, attitudes, manners, accents, and the overall atmosphere. (So far) I don’t feel like an outcast because I have NJ plates on my car. Hopefully when my job starts, I’ll know for sure that this is the place for me. Until then,

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