bring on 2012!

Goodness it’s been a crazy three years! I’ve moved 3 times, moved to a new state… I can’t believe I’ve accomplished everything I have in this small amount of time. 2011 has pushed me in so many different directions. If you follow my YouTube Channel (, you would know that to start off my year, I broke my collarbone 3 weeks before I moved to Maryland. From then on, my year spiraled downwards and I thought I couldn’t pick myself back up. BUT finally, October brought new hope for me, a new job, an awesome holiday season, and as of 2 days ago, a Fiance!!! 
That’s right, I’m freaking engaged! I still can’t believe this is real for me. I’m so excited for what 2012 has to offer and I am going to make it a rule to blog every week about my plans for my wedding, and everything that this new year has to offer for me.
But until then…


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