saturday night dinner for two.

So my fiance and I have been really into cooking dinner instead of going out, which we found is a lot cheaper than paying for drinks, tax and gratuity, and also over-paying for the food we order. I found that we can make healthier versions of our own favorite meals at home 🙂
These pictures include Barefoot Moscato wine, pinwheel steaks with a bearnaise sauce, 
and oven roasted vegetables.


starting off the new year with a stomach bug.

I totally hate being sick! I’ve been sick for almost 4 days now and I just can’t kick this stomach bug. I haven’t even had the energy to make lists, or plan anything for my wedding! I want to start with the easy stuff; guest list, flowers, colors, food… mmm food. If only I could eat something 😦 
And another downfall… the wedding may be held off until next year just based on the fact that my fiance and I are completely broke. It’s not like we want a large wedding or anything, and we aren’t $100,000 type of wedding people. But we want it to be nice, and not rushed. Soooo the jury is out on whether we are going to push it until next year or not. I hate long engagements, but this may just work better.
I want to start doing OOTD’s (Outfit of the Day). I’ve been loving my outfits lately and if I can share my style with everyone, then why not? Let me know what you guys think!
Until then,