It’s Friday!!

What Friday Means To Me:

1) Sleep all weekend

2) Go to the gym if feeling up for it

3) Go foodshopping

4) Lay around with FIance

5) More sleep!!!

Also, because this weekend is the last weekend standing between me and my long lost sister! We’re all driving/flying back up to NJ where we are all from, and spending quality family time together, and also watching my sister Melissa run the NJ Marathon! It was so much fun (except for the cold!) last time we watched her run at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC and now that she’s doing it in our hometown, I can just imagine how much more fun its going to be! Hopefully the weather stays decent, as its been teasing us with warm weather and then slamming us with weeks of these cold, rainy days which makes nannying a baby that loves to go for walks slightly miserable.

Melissa running the Marine Corps Marathon!

Check her out here –>

 On another note…

Things I Will Eat While in NJ:

Surf Taco (two soft tacos-no salsa & chips with salsa, simple yet effective)

Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese with SPK (salt-pepper-ketchup, duh)

Carrabba’s (chicken bryan, fresh pasta, house salad, BREAD!)

Cheesecake Factory (zucchini sticks, bbq ranch chix salad..mmmm)

Uncle Scott’s slightly famous Chicken Marsala (drooling…)

Cheesesteaks from the BW (Boardwalk for all of you that don’t know)

annndddd… much more!

Also, I’ll most likely be able to announce some exciting news after that weekend as well, as it will finally make it around to the rest of my family, and then eventually my blog, facebook etc.

AND for all of you hating on NJ, go suck it 🙂



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