Alright, alright…

I’ve procrastinated enough. I haven’t posted anything on here in almost a month. FAIL MISSION for the month of May. I’ve been sick, nauseous, and had migraines and toothaches for most of this month, and HOPEFULLY after tomorrow’s doctor visits, that will all be taken care of and I will be back to blogging regularly! 

I hate starting something and not finishing it… like laundry for example. This past month I’ve done NO laundry. Typically I am on top of both mine and my Fiance’s and he’s actually been doing mine. What a difference, but I feel like such a bum! I will be going spring cleaning CRAZY on Memorial Day. I’m off from work, but Fiance is working so that gives me all of the reason in the world to clean the apartment, finish all of the laundry AND make a blog post about it. 

I’m trying to plan ahead, but typically, and mostly lately, planning ahead has bit me in the ass multiple times. Fingers crossed!