There’s a baby in there?!

There sure is! I was just as surprised as you were, those 2 pink lines don’t lie. And after the 3rd positive test I did the “fuuuucccckkkkkk, what the hell did i do?!” thought process in my head, and then said screw it. I’m happy, I’m engaged, why would I waste time being upset over becoming a mom? I want kids before I’m 30, and at 22, that seems like a good time to start, sure why not. So at 13 weeks, 2 days, here’s baby #1!


Writing this post, I’m almost 15 weeks in a few days, and by the beginning of July we should be able to see if it’s going to be a boy or girl at our second ultrasound! It’s very surreal to me, ESPECIALLY because i’m pretty close to being 4 months pregnant and haven’t gained a single pound! If anything, I’ve lost weight and then gained back to my normal weight, which is 115 lbs. Everyone tells me that’s normal to not be showing and blahblahblah but personally? I’d like to skip the “i’m not skinny but i look like I have a food baby” phase and skip right into the “ok she’s definitely pregnant” phase.

I’ve had the 4 week hangover from morning sickness, and that tapered off at exactly 9 weeks. Then came the heartburn, migraines from hell, and the oh so flattering bleeding gums. Painful isn’t even the word to describe it. But FINALLY all of my symptoms (knock on wood) are gone, I’m in my second trimester and I’ve been told this is the honeymoon stage of pregnancy and to enjoy it for as long as I can, because this is the best I’ll feel before I blow up like an elephant.

I’m due December 4th, so right before the world ends, wooo! Just kidding…. not really haha. I’m happy I’ll be able to fit into my Ravens jersey this year, which of course was a size Large, but no complaining, because it’ll probably fit me just right during football season. Hooray! I think my next pregnancy post will be more about what vitamins I’m taking, food aversions, cravings, mood swings, and anything else I can think of. Then eventually I’ll do a baby gear post. BUT until then, preggo out!


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