BOTW: The Future of Us By: Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

This is a book that I’ve had on hold at my local library for a few days, along with another book as well that I will share with you when I’m done with this book.

You obviously know the title of the book, I’ve included pictures of the front cover, and the inside front cover so you can read to see if it interests you.

This book is based in 1995 when America Online (AOL) cd-roms were beginning their debut, and a local neighbors Josh and Emma both downloaded the disk to their computer. When they sign on, they’re automatically logged into Facebook, but Facebook hasn’t been invented yet, and every time they refresh the page, their future changes. Josh and Emma are looking at their futures fifteen years in the making; spouses, careers, homes and status updates. These discoveries pretty much make them realize what they are doing right, or wrong, in the present.

I think it’s such a cool idea for a book. I remember AOL quite clearly, getting my mom to let me have my own screen name to talk to my friends from school, kittnlovr311 (how incredibly lame) haha. Can’t wait to share my thoughts on the book in a future post. Happy reading!!


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