Taco Night!

So I originally had two posts to go up ahead of this one, but it was my first time using Windows Live Writer (which is amazing btw) and i forgot to hit publish. SO tacos will be today’s post! They are super easy to make, and inexpensive as well. I wouldn’t say they are the healthiest option, but if you used ground turkey instead of beef, and made a taco salad instead of using the taco shells, it can be healthy!

I prefer the Ortega Taco Kit. The taco shells are never stale and the sauce mix, and the taco sauce itself I LOVE! I even have a full size bottle of it in my fridge, so the packet isn’t even a necessity. But any who, brown about a pound of ground beef (I use 85-15 mix for more flavor) in a pan, strain liquid, add taco seasoning and 3/4 cup of water, and cook until thickened. And that’s it!! Super easy and quick for a late night dinner that tastes delicious, and also a dinner that doesn’t break the bank. One pound of ground beef is usually around $3, the kit was $2.99 plus any toppings you’d like. I used up shredded cheddar, iceburg lettuce that i bought for a salad that never happened, Campari tomatoes (my absolute favorite!!) and of course the Ortega taco sauce. I always used onions as well, but onions really haven’t been my thing since becoming pregnant. Here’s some pics on how the meal should look!

And the finished product assembly line typically looks something like this…

Happy Taco Night!! xo


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