Pregnancy Organization.

So in general, I’m a pretty organized person. But you wouldn’t believe how quick I got frazzled when finding out I was pregnant. I wanted to be as organized and as on top of things as possible. I didn’t want to be one of those women that can’t find their keys, paperwork from the doctor’s office, insurance information, or not being able to remember what I ate for lunch that day. SO here are two affordable items that helped me tremendously in making myself organized and feel better.

First, I started off my purchasing a 6 pocket poly accordion file that looks like this:













I purchased this from Target for about $6, in blue. It was the Up & Up brand. I labeled the inside slots with things like “health insurance”, “midwife appointments”, “receipts”, etc. I’ve utilized all of the slots and also inserted a few manilla folders for my own preference to create more organization.


And second, I purchased a simple journal-type notebook that looks like this:









The brand is Markings by C.R Gibson, and I bought mine from Rite Aid for about $7. I love how sturdy it is, with the elastic to keep it together. I bought this to use as a pregnancy journal. Pretty much to document doctors’ appointments, baby’s heartbeat, notes from the appointments, and everyday I write down every single thing I’ve eaten/drank that day so that I know for myself if I’m eating or drinking enough. It’s good to see on paper, and I love writing it down and having it for reference.

These two things have kept me so organized and so on-point with keeping track of my progress through my pregnancy. Totally worth the $13 for my sanity 🙂


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