A Taste of Two Cities: Food Truck Rally – Baltimore vs. DC

Alright, so in all seriousness, they had to have known that I got my appetite back. Like, they HAD TO HAVE KNOWN! This weekend was the annual Food Truck Rally.

“A food truck rally and competition featuring 20 food trucks from Baltimore and 20 from Washington, D.C., will showcase some of the region’s best mobile delicacies this weekend in Baltimore.” -Wbaltv.com. Local celebrity judges, live music, beer and wine…  So naturally, I had to attend. Who wouldn’t?

We got lost, which is normal for us. I think we’ve made a u-turn on every trip my fiance and I have ever made. We finally arrived around 11:30am and it was $5 for parking. Not bad at all. They let you bring your own drinks in, non-alcoholic of course, but they made me glad because I had made a monster sized raspberry lemonade before I left the house and that lasted me for about an hour while we were there. We ended up staying there for about 2 1/2 hours. Anddd here is some of the food we ate! Ready, set, go!

So to start off right, of course we went over to the truck that had a sign that consisted of “Sangria”, “Chocolate Covered Bacon”, and Caramel Bacon Donuts. And that right there, is a caramel bacon donut. An absolute sugar rush made of homemade caramel and fresh fluffy donuts. $3 down.
Yeah. That happened next. Unfortunately, Jay started munching on it before we took a picture, but it wasn’t as delicious as you would hope for. The waffle wasn’t very fluffy, kind of tough, and the chicken, meh. It could’ve been better. This one was $9.50 HOWEVER we paid with 2 $5 bills and the man handed us back 2 $5 bills… Soooo free chicken and waffles?
Next was one of my absolute favorites and something that would break the bank quite easily.
This, my friends, is what you’d call a Lobster BLT. It has HUGE, and I mean HUGE chunks of fresh Maine lobster tossed in chipotle mayo, layered with bacon, fresh greens and heirloom tomatoes served with a delicious pickle. The price tag? $15 a pop. My fiance and I shared it, but I definitely could’ve eaten 2 of these on my own, hands down. This was a DC truck unfortunately, but they are quite the competitors as they took 2nd overall for the day!
This was a $2 Chicken Kabob from the Tasty Kabob truck. It was pretty good, could’ve used more sauce. And yes, that’s a Blue Moon in the picture as well. And YES I most definitely had a sip 😉
These are fried plaintains with some sort of yummy sauce, they were $4 and well worth it! The taquitos on the other hand, not that good, not worth $4 and we paid an extra dollar on accident. Fail mission.
Alright so I took some pictures of trucks, but we didn’t eat from them. The names were very deceiving, which was a shame.
Wasn’t feeling very cajun that day, but the truck was really cool!
Miss Shirley’s took 3rd place out of the whole competition, and I went back for seconds on these grits. Grits with heavy cream, marscapone cheese, bacon, and garnished with scallions and diced tomatoes and OMG they were phenomenal!! And best part? They were only $3. What a steal! And this truck is part of a restaurant as well, soooo they are definitely accessible 🙂
This is GrrChe, and this is the Pulled Grill. Pulled pork tossed in BBQ sauce, topped with macaroni and cheese and bacon on sourdough bread. I didn’t try this, but Jason said it wasn’t great unfortunately. It was $7.50, but only finished half. Not bad.
Simplicity Ice Cream was another DC food truck, but I loved their t-shirts!
So Gypsy Queen Cafe took the whole competition and surprisingly we started and ended our day with that truck! The caramel bacon donut? Yep, that was the Gypsy Queens!
And those 2 Mayor Cup trophies are well deserved! Pictured above is what I smelled all day long from everyone walking around, and talking about how they went back for seconds! It’s a cone of fries, topped with a fresh Maryland lump crab cake, and a creamy remoulade sauce and dusted with Old Bay and JEEEEEEZ these were freakin’ awesome! And totally worth the line we stood in. The line, after they announced the winning truck, was probably about a 1/4 mile long, but totally worth it 😉
And that was the end of our trip! Here’s a few pics of us from the day 🙂
Not some of the most attractive pictures we’ve ever taken, but there’s a little baby bump sighting! Enjoy!  xoxo

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