Potato Leek Soup….Mmmmm

leek soup

So I’ve always loved potato leek soup, and I think I fell in love with it more when I started making it myself, and tweaking the recipe to fit my desired taste. I follow the recipe to the T, but I do a little pre-cooking to really give it a great flavor.

I use the Knorr Leek Soup Mix recipe. It’s so simple, takes about 45 minutes total to make, and you could easily prep this ahead of time. Although I linked the recipe above, I tend to do mine a bit differently.

1) 1/2 large onion, 2 leeks, butter, salt and pepper sautéed in a stock pot until fragrant and soft.  2) Peel and chop 3 small russet potatoes (more potatoes you add, the thicker the soup, so add to your desired taste) 3) Add potatoes, 1/4 cup white wine, 4 cups chicken broths and the Knorr soup mix 4) Bring to a boil, then simmer until potatoes are tender 5) Puree, put back on low heat and add heavy cream. And voila! Easy soup in a manageable portion size for about 2 people. This amount of soup serves about 4 people.

I puree it with my Cuisinart Immersion Blender that I purchased at Macy’s for $29.99. Probably one of my favorite kitchen purchases ever, but still a tie for first between that and my electric can opener. If you buy one, always soak it after using it! It cleanses it the best. Can you tell I love red? Immersion blender, cutting board, spatula, and though you can’t see it, there is a red handled knife to the left. LOVE!

leek soup2

Enjoy! As will I; this will probably be the first thing I eat the entire pot of during my pregnancy so far Winking smile


Who needs a pedicure? This girl!!

GOSH seriously? I just want to smack the people that get pedicures every week, or every other week. I try to get one, maybe, twice a year? And mostly I want to smack them because from their Michael Kors handbag to their Chanel Sunglasses, they can obviously afford it. Me, being the new frugal person that I am (especially with a baby on the way, baby stuff is freakin expensive!!) I do my own pedicure myself. Most of the time, I skip the whole, soak-the-feet-scrub-the-legs-scrub-the-feet-massage-until-hands-are-numb type deal, and just go right in with a buffer and my polish.

Well this girl went on a 4 mile walk, in flip flops, on a 90 degree day with a 4 1/2 month old baby and let me just tell you… 1) I felt awesome afterwards for about 15 minutes and 2) Since then? Worst foot and hip pain I’ve ever experienced. And obviously, my feet took a serious beating. I can’t even look at them. So off to Sally’s Beauty I went!

at home pedicure and randoms

So the girl at Sally’s Beauty recommended the Heel & Toe brand, it also happened to be buy two, get one free. So I purchased one full size item, and two travel size items to test out, and got one of the travel size items for free. I also FINALLY!!! purchased a new bottle of Seche Vite because Essie’s Good to Go is the worst topcoat on the planet. And of course they got me at the counter and somehow, someway, she got me to spend $0.79 on a wide tooth comb. I’ve heard though, that you should be combing your hair, especially when you get right out of the shower, with a wide tooth comb to prevent breakage. So hey, maybe it’s a good thing.

I’ll have a separate review on the Heel & Toe products shown above in a later post. I can’t WAIT to try them out though. My feet are throbbing, and have been for 3 days now. Note to self: flip flops + 4 mile walk = death to feet.

10 Indisputable Rights of Pregnant Women

This list is awesome, and shall be referred to until December. Thank you and good night 🙂

10 indisputable rights of pregnant women:

1. She shall have the right to drop something and look around pitifully until someone feels bad enough to come along and pick it up.

2. She has the right to messy toenail polish. This includes the right to get a pedicure to avoid having messy toenail polish. Whether a pregnant woman decides to embrace her right to messy toes or a pedicure is her choice and she shall not be judged.

3. She has the right to spill food on her belly without being mocked.

4. She has the right to lay claim to any food in the house. All others shall assume the last piece of pie or the last serving of cereal has been claimed by this right unless told otherwise.

5. She has the right to waddle. Anyone in the presence of her waddling is restricted from laughing or gawking at said waddling.

6. She has the right to claim “pregnancy brain” at any time.

7. She has the right to moan, groan or grunt when getting out of a chair, rolling over in bed, putting on her shoes or doing any activity that requires shifting her weight.

8. She has the right to claim flip-flops as appropriate footwear under any circumstance.

9. She has the sole rights to the house’s thermostat. Do not question when she has the AC on and it’s 60 degrees outside or if she has the windows open while it’s snowing. Wear extra layers in the house without complaint.

10. She has the right to talk about being “large” or “huge”, but no one else can claim that right. She is the only person allowed to talk about her size.

Taco Night!

So I originally had two posts to go up ahead of this one, but it was my first time using Windows Live Writer (which is amazing btw) and i forgot to hit publish. SO tacos will be today’s post! They are super easy to make, and inexpensive as well. I wouldn’t say they are the healthiest option, but if you used ground turkey instead of beef, and made a taco salad instead of using the taco shells, it can be healthy!

I prefer the Ortega Taco Kit. The taco shells are never stale and the sauce mix, and the taco sauce itself I LOVE! I even have a full size bottle of it in my fridge, so the packet isn’t even a necessity. But any who, brown about a pound of ground beef (I use 85-15 mix for more flavor) in a pan, strain liquid, add taco seasoning and 3/4 cup of water, and cook until thickened. And that’s it!! Super easy and quick for a late night dinner that tastes delicious, and also a dinner that doesn’t break the bank. One pound of ground beef is usually around $3, the kit was $2.99 plus any toppings you’d like. I used up shredded cheddar, iceburg lettuce that i bought for a salad that never happened, Campari tomatoes (my absolute favorite!!) and of course the Ortega taco sauce. I always used onions as well, but onions really haven’t been my thing since becoming pregnant. Here’s some pics on how the meal should look!

And the finished product assembly line typically looks something like this…

Happy Taco Night!! xo