Baby Bump! And it’s a…?

Jeeeeez I’m slacking. But for good reason! I’m freakin exhausted from being pregnant and I’d love to move to Alaska to escape the summer heat. It’s draining all of my energy lately, and I really can’t wait till winter 🙂 Anywho, I’m 21 weeks, 2 days today! I feel like the weeks are flying by which is exciting but also quite terrifying. Had a VERY long Tuesday. I took a personal day and booked as many appointments as possible. These appointments included:

8am: anatomy scan

9:30am midwife appointment

10:30am MVA for a state ID

1pm WIC appointment

3pm Dentist (yikes!)

SO anatomy scan was first up on my to-do list. My fiance met me at the hospital and we were about 3/4 of the way through when the woman asked if we wanted to know the sex and DUHHHH OF COURSE! I’ve only lost sleep over the sex of this baby for months now. Long behold, it’s a baby girl!!! 🙂 Definitely took me by surprise, I’ve had the feeling it was a boy from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Fiance, well, he’s going to buy a gun now and do that scene from Bad Boys 2…? MEN haha. So yay great way to start off my day! Doctor looked over the images and said we couldn’t ask for a better looking scan, and our child is VERY photogenic.

Went to midwife appointment next. FINALLY gained weight, a whopping 7 lbs! Baby’s heartbeat is 150/bpm which is great. Next appointment I get the glucose test, but with the amount of sugar I ingest, I’m not too worried about it.

Next, I was off to the MVA for my MD state ID. Well, that was a bust. It was hot in there, there was a million people, and I forgot my water bill to prove I actually live here. Fail mission. Soooo I left and got a bagel, and that was another fail mission. It was probably the grossest bagel I’ve ever had, sesame with chive cream cheese? I love love LOVE both of those but this bagel was nasty. So three bites, and trashed it.

To kill time before my WIC appointment, I drove to Carter’s to shop around for little girl clothes, and that was ALSO a failed mission. Nothing was super cute, and I was pretty bummed. I drove to my WIC appointment which lasted about an hour, came home for 5 seconds and brushed my teeth for the 3rd time that day, and drove to the dentist’s office.

Now I’ve never had a cavity or any of my teeth pulled. But I have two cracked teeth, one on each side of my mouth. One hour later, I was scheduled for a root canal on one side, and a complete extraction on the other side 😦 So sad, AND i can’t have any type of anesthesia. They’re going to numb it up the best they can, and yank/drill my teeth. Needless to say, I was in tears.

So my day went from an incredible high, to an incredible low. Now I’m searching for the best protein powder because I’m not going to be able to chew anything for like, two weeks and being a prego monster, I eat EVERYTHING. Speaking of which, here’s a belly shot for ya 🙂

So excited for a baby girl 🙂 xo

Prego-friendly Cookie Dough? Yes please!

So I’ve had a cookie dough craving for quite some time and honestly? I love cookie dough regardless of if I’m pregnant or not. BUT they are super strict about raw eggs being eaten (obviously) and though in my 22 years of eating cookie dough with raw eggs and surviving, I decided not to risk it. Of course I still made a version I could eat 🙂

I halved my normal cookie recipe, and removed the baking soda and eggs, and voila!

Recipe – Dry Ingredients

A smidge over 1 cup of flour

1/2 tsp salt

1) Mix dry ingredients together^

Recipe – Wet Ingredients

1 stick of butter (I use salted because I obviously would love a heart attack early in life)

1/3 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup regular sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1) Soften butter to room temp, add ingredients into a mixing bowl, mix/beat ingredients until creamy.

2) Slowly add dry ingredients until all ingredients are combined in one bowl.

3) Grab remote. Sit on couch. Eat dough as needed.

Ahhhh… the life of being a prego-monster 😀 Enjoy!