NOTD: Nina Ultra Pro in Ink-ling & Orly Tiara

So gray has always been my color. I love black like everyone else, but gray always gave a softness to a dark color, and having a gray car, I love the color. And by gray for all of you that are color deficient, I mean charcoal-type of gray, not silver. BUT there does happen to be a touch of silver in my current manicure 🙂

This is the only Nina Ultra Pro nail polish that I own, but I definitely like the consistency and it lasts pretty long before chipping as well. I will definitely try more colors by this brand, but I haven’t found another color that I’ve liked in their current collection. You can find this brand at Sally’s Beauty Supply or online.

I really like the way my manicure came out. Most of my manicures last seven days or longer depending on how rough I am on my nails, but this color doesn’t chip as easily so maybe I can get a few more days out of it! It surprised me how much even painting my nails kills my back. Baby girl isn’t all about staying still, and she makes it well known. Enjoy! xo

NOTD: Essie French Affair & A Crewed Interest

So let’s preface with saying that these are my only two Essie polishes. They are both cream finishes, and are both light spring colors. I bought French Affair almost immediately after I saw it on Hollyannaeree’s video; I believe it was her March Hits & Misses of 2012. It’s the perfect pink shade and I’ve been tempted on multiple occasions to buy a back-up of it off of Amazon because it isn’t part of Essie’s permanent collection. The reason I haven’t? Consistency issues.

I had originally liked A Crewed Interest but didn’t purchase for the mere thought of spending over $7 on a nail polish is absurd to me. BUT OF COURSE ULTA PUT IT ON CLEARANCE FOR $3.99. So I bought it back in May, right before heading to NJ to watch/photograph my sister run the NJ Shore Marathon. She used it, and pretty much hated it. She didn’t like the color, and didn’t like… you guessed it, the consistency.
Nevertheless, I like to bring them both out when I’m in a relatively calm mood and now I love this combination on my nails!

This picture was taken with my Nikon Coolpix L110 WITH FLASH.

This picture was taken with my Nikon Coolpix L110 WITHOUT FLASH/USING NATURAL LIGHTING.

This post may be edited in the future if I get bored and start messing around with that little baby bottle of Orly Glitter Polish that’s hanging out up there with the rest of them 🙂 Enjoy! xoxo