Nail Polish Addiction? Something Like That…

Alright, alright. I’ll admit it, I fell in love with nail polish when I got rid of the fake nails in November 2010. I was super picky about the colors I wanted to paint them, and they were extremely brittle and painful. I had had gel acrylic nails on since my junior year of high school with no breaks in between, so almost 4 years straight. $40 every 3 weeks (I sometimes pushed it to 4 weeks to save money) was definitely a stretch, but I was obsessed. So in theory, this obsession should be cheaper, no?

So this is my whole stash, and I’ve thrown away around 10 bottles in the past few weeks simply for not using them or the quality sucking, etc. I came to the realization that the easiest way for me to get through my nail polishes and not neglect any of them, was to sort them between spring/summer and fall/winter polishes.

These are all of my fall/winter shades that I’m going to use from now until March, or whenever Spring hits next year. I really want to use these polishes. I love all of them and when my favorites make their way to the top of the box (like in the picture above), others get lost 😦

I know I have another perfume box somewhere (that is what the polishes above are in) but in the interest of saving time, I just placed all of my spring/summer polishes in this Clinique makeup bag.

What are your favorite nail polishes, brands, colors? Enjoy! xo

Drugstore Nail Polish Favorites!

So I’ve been on a saving money kick, and for good reason; babies are expensive! My favorite brand of nail polish is China Glaze, but I really don’t discriminate against other brands. As long as the color is nice, I try it. I haven’t been disappointed yet, so here are some of my favorites from Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, etc that have made their way into my heart, and nail polish collection. Hope you enjoy! xo

^Sinful Colors in Hazard

^Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in Stiletto Red

^Wet N’Wild Megalast 213C – On a Trip

^NYC 109 – Pink Promenade, 139 – Plaza Plumberry, 115 – Skin Tight Denim

^Revlon 340 – Stunning, 250 – Flirt, 300 – Cotton Candy, 410 – Dreamer, 460 – Mysterious

^Revlon Colorstay 040 – Provence

^Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in 94 – Black Diamond, SH Maximum Growth Plus in 39 – Cherry Charisma

^Sinful Colors 369 – Ruby Ruby, 02 – Black on Black

^Maybelline Express Finish in 898 – Denim Dash, 70 – Mod Mauve

^Up close shot of Denim Dash

^Confetti Long Wearing Polish in 029 – Cherries Jubilee, 017 – Dance Party Pink
**Confetti line was sold at CVS and has since been discontinued**