JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

Let me start off by saying; if you are pregnant and are due during the winter months like I was (December) this is an absolute must-have item in my book. Insert the JJ Cole Car Seat Cover.


We purchased ours in Graphite, the gray color you see above to match the Graco travel system in the previous post. Once you get to reading, you’ll soon learn that I love when things match 🙂 Also, not getting the pink one kept things gender neutral so we can use it, like all of our other baby gear, with our next baby.

This does exactly what it says – it covers your car seat. The outside is made of a waterproof material, and the inside is a layer of fleece. Its elastic edges makes it able to fit on almost any car seat. I say “almost any car seat” because I’ve seen bad reviews because this didn’t fit on a car seat, but the car seat was either from Costco or it was one of the smaller ones that only carry infants up to 22 pounds. It comes sold in a zippered plastic pouch in stores so I don’t see a problem with packing it back up and returning it if it doesn’t fit. The front of the cover unzips to make getting to your baby easily accessible, and there is a flap to cover your baby’s face if you’re walking or out and about in the rain, snow, wind etc. This flap does NOT affect the ability of the baby to breathe, so please don’t let the flap discourage you from purchasing this cover.

The retail cost for this is $29.99 at most stores and online sites that sell JJ Cole products, including Amazon. It’s well worth the cost. You can get it at Babies R’Us or Buy Buy Baby for cheaper if you use a 20% off coupon. My daughter is almost 3 months old and it hasn’t been removed from her car seat other that to wash it, which I might add, washes up great! Here’s what ours looks like:





^You can either keep the canopy out of the cover, or tuck it under. Your preference!


^This cover doesn’t interfere with any of the functioning parts of the car seat, which is great.

Hopefully this persuaded/forced/guilted you into purchasing this item for your baby (saying that you’re having a winter baby) and I really hope this review was helpful! I can’t say enough good things about this product after 3 months of using it. What’s your favorite car seat accessory? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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