Waste of Money? Yes, Yes It Is.

So I have some pretty strong opinions on baby gear that, in my eyes, is a complete waste of money. Below is my list. Happy registering!

1) Anything beige. You are just asking to have the dirtiest looking car seat and stroller when purchasing a system with beige fabric. You could have it for one day and lean against a dirty car with grease on it and bam, gross.

2) Those new “spa” baby bath tubs. There is no need for a shower, bubbles, jets, etc for a newborn baby, or for a 6 month baby for that matter. With your luck, your baby will hate taking a bath and that $60 tub (whether you registered for it or not) will be rendered useless. Babies like simple things, just water. Same with toys – they’d rather play with the box than the toy itself. An overstimulated baby is never fun (trust me). You get my drift.

3) Nursery bedding. No, you don’t need the 16 piece matching nursery set. Yes, I agree, it’s freaking adorable. BUT in the long run? You will use nothing but the sheets, the mobile, and probably the hamper. Bumpers are being phased out for SIDS risks, and if you don’t swaddle your baby from the start, you will most likely be removing them within the first 3 months. (If you notice, bumpers are rarely sold with the set now). Choose breathable bumper pads instead. And that huge blanket/comforter that came with the set? Yeah, just pack it back up.

4) The Diaper Genie, Diaper Dekor, all of them. Waste of money. Fact of the matter is poop smells. If you put all of that poop into the same place, it will smell even stronger. Best advice? Save yourself $75 (the genie plus extra bags) and buy a $12 box of 250 disposable diaper bags and use your own kitchen trash can.

5) Wipe warmer. Why? Wipes are cold, it’s a fact of life. You want to know what is also a fact? How fast those things catch on fire. If you’re really worried about the temperature of the wipes, use wash cloths and warm water instead. Otherwise, save the electricity for something more useful, like a monitor or your coffee pot for your morning sanity.

6) Baby walker. Especially if you have stairs. It’s just not safe, and studies show that they aren’t safe and also “hinder” walking potential. I’m not sure how true this is; I have a walker myself, but we live on a single level and only used it for about 2 weeks.

7) $400 crib, and $300 dressers. End of story. There is no need to spend that amount of money (even if you received them as gifts at your shower) on furniture. Also, for the moms who assume that they aren’t going to need to ever buy a toddler bed because their crib turns into a bed? Think again. You’ll probably be pregnant by the time the crib needs to be switched to a bed, and you’ll end up purchasing a toddler bed anyway.

Hope this helps! I’m a first time mom, and I’ve been a nanny for over 5 years, so I like to think that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen so many parents waste money on baby gear that they could have been putting away into a college fund instead of buying $30 crib sheets and $300 strollers. Let me know what baby gear you think isn’t necessary in the comments below, I’d love to hear!



4 thoughts on “Waste of Money? Yes, Yes It Is.

  1. I agree on the nursery bedding and the wipes warmer. Both were completely useless purchases. I disagree though on the diaper genie and baby walker though. My daughter used her walker for about 4 months until she was finally walking on her own and I still use the diaper genie at almost 18 months.


    • And add bottle warmer to completely useless purchases. I always found it to be easier to just use a pot on the stove to heat it. I was quicker and easier to empty


    • Well the items that I find a waste of money might work for others. I’m glad they worked for you! We never even bought a diaper genie to begin with, and I’ve never wanted one either so it worked out. My daughter loved he jumperoo, so naturally she hated the walker because it didn’t bounce!


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