Britax Marathon 70-G3 First Impression & Review!

So I decided to try out Britax for our convertible car seat. While pricey, it has the best safety ratings that I’ve seen, and it seems to be a great company, so we splurged. I was set on purchasing an Evenflo Triumph or a Graco My Ride but neither of them stood up to the Britax – so without further a’do, insert the Britax Marathon 70-G3.




I can’t even begin to tell you the pros about purchasing this car seat over others. There are steel bars built into the seat to keep it as locked into the vehicle’s seat as tight as possible in the event of a crash. I installed it myself while my fiance was at work, and let me tell you, he’s a strong guy. He couldn’t believe how tight of an install I got with this seat. It has the LATCH hooks for the main install, and then also comes with a tether to attach it behind the headrest when it’s forward-facing, and to attach it to the track of the front seat, while rear-facing.




It won’t even budge! That makes me SO happy, I literally have no words to describe it. So next on my love list, the straps. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how annoying twisted car seat straps are. And my fiance? He’s the king of trying to do things himself, but I can’t tell you how many times her Graco infant seat straps were twisted when I got her out. The straps are completely tangle-free, and they even velcro to the side of the seat for easy entry! I almost feel like this car seat was designed by a mommy 🙂 We didn’t need the infant cushion for very long, maybe a few weeks, and then we removed it.



The harness buckle in between the legs also has a cover on it, that in my opinion, should be on every car seat known to man. This has probably saved my daughter from a handful of thigh-pinching buckle sessions. It’s very soft, and always lays flat so she’s never sitting on it. All of the straps are completely out of the way for easy exit/entry.



We have our seat installed in our 2013 Mazda CX-5 and it’s a great fit. I haven’t gotten one for my fiance’s car yet because they are pretty expensive. So in due time, we’ll save up for another one. Even with this seat installed, two people can sit comfortably in the back seat, as shown below.


Sophia LOVES this seat. She is so happy when she’s in it, as you can tell 🙂





I really can’t wait to get another one. I’m debating on whether to stick with the Marathon 70-G3 or branching out to a different style. What style Britax convertible car seat do you prefer? Advocate? Boulevard? Let me know in the comments below, happy car seat shopping!



Fisher Price Snugabunny Bouncer and Swing Review

So my first choice of brands for baby gear in the house is Fisher Price. They’ve been around for so long, and make quality products. I originally had my heart set on the Rainforest collection. It’s very colorful, bright, and great for either a boy or a girl. But I’ll review that collection in my next post. The new collection was the Snugabunny, and I loved it! The appearance is great – very neutral, and blends in with your living room decor. The bouncer was the first thing I put my daughter in when we arrived home from the hospital.


It is true to the name – it’s so snuggly! I love the insert that surrounds the baby to make them feel comfortable and safe. The three-point harness extended so she could sit in this seat up until she was over five months old.By that point, she just wanted to sit on the floor on her own and be independent, but this seat was so helpful. She took the occasional nap in it, and she loved trying to catch the birds that dangled above her head! It also took batteries, and had a vibrating option along with some softer tunes to help baby nap. This bouncer, at the time of purchase, retailed for $64.99.


^^This is the day she came home, *wipes tear away*

0  1836×3264

                                                     Photo credit given to Melissa  🙂


^It was so cold this winter, and we had horrible drafts coming in both of the sliding doors in our apartment, so we put a warm blanket under her to keep her extra toasty.

Then comes the swing, which retailed for $160.


She wasn’t fond of it at first, and that made me super bummed because of course we had just dropped the money on it and my pregnant self managed to assemble it all on my own, along with the bouncer. It’s definitely the Mercedes of swings. It swings side to side, and front to back, and the seat can face three different directions. It has the same plush seat as the bouncer and the 3-point harness. The seat of the swing can be reclined, or sat up, which is great! The fact that it had an AC adapter was a HUGE bonus, HUGE. The amount of batteries swings go through are insane, so the fact that it has the AC adapter, but also having the battery option, is very useful. It has 6 speed options, 16 soothing musical songs, and a spinning mobile with a mirror attached, and plush birdies for baby to talk to. Sophia talked to those birdies A LOT… I wonder what they talked about…? 🙂

Eventually she came around to the swing, and soon used it for her marathon naps in the afternoon.



And then I had to break her of the “only napping in the swing during the day” habit. Which, wasn’t hard once I put the swing away, so it was presented as an option to her. After a week, she was a pro-crib napper 🙂

I definitely recommend this collection. I know they’re on sale for cheaper now on Amazon and at Babies R’Us, but they were so useful. I even used the bouncer last week when my daughter was sick. She just snuggled right into it, and she’s almost 8 months old! So it definitely fits them for awhile. BUT as much as I love them, I MIGHT be swayed to buy a Mamaroo for the next one, but I guess we’ll see!!

What was your favorite swing or bouncer? Would you buy it over again? Let me know in the comments below!


UPDATE! Graco Trekko Purchase – FAIL! :(

So I had called Graco about my previous travel system (post below) and they were EXTREMELY helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with their staff and the whole department in general. I went back to Babies R’Us and got a box, they mailed me a shipping label and I shipped the system back. They also gave me the option to get a credit back to my credit card, rather than a check in the mail, which is AWESOME! I got the credit within 3 days of returning the original travel system, and I ordered the same system, but in neutral colors, on


This was right out of the box, and testing my daughter out in the car seat – you can totally see her pink pants in the car seat! Now I have a major love for this particular Graco car seat. It’s more of the “plusher” version of most Graco Snugride car seats on the market and I LOVE that about it. It has mesh on the canopy to make it more breathable, and an extra pop out visor for extra sun protection. The seat is nice and padded, and I especially recommend it for a winter baby. I was so sad when my daughter turned 6 months and we moved her to her new convertible car seat (blog post coming soon!).


On to the stroller, it’s the same as the previous stroller I had, just cosmetically different. I definitely enjoyed the gray/white/black color scheme of this system better than the red/black from the Jive collection. Overall, as before, I loved the stroller.



And of course this little girl loved her stroller as well.

BUT unfortunately, this stroller was returned as well, for a faulty front wheel. As you can see from the picture below:


The wheel is removable for easier car storage, and can be locked in position for fast-paced walking. This stroller was NOT meant as a jogger. The front wheel on my stroller, as many others in reviews, would wobble even on the smoothest terrain and at the slowest speed possible to walk. This kept my daughter awake, as the wobble would shake the entire stroller. Another set back? A replacement wheel was available, but I would be put on a 12 week waiting list. It was a sad day. I took apart this stroller, packed it up and shipped it back to Graco and got my refund credit.

And still to this day, I’m looking for a perfect stroller. Let me know – what’s your favorite stroller/travel system?

Thanks for reading! More to come 🙂