UPDATE! Graco Trekko Purchase – FAIL! :(

So I had called Graco about my previous travel system (post below) and they were EXTREMELY helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with their staff and the whole department in general. I went back to Babies R’Us and got a box, they mailed me a shipping label and I shipped the system back. They also gave me the option to get a credit back to my credit card, rather than a check in the mail, which is AWESOME! I got the credit within 3 days of returning the original travel system, and I ordered the same system, but in neutral colors, on Diapers.com.


This was right out of the box, and testing my daughter out in the car seat – you can totally see her pink pants in the car seat! Now I have a major love for this particular Graco car seat. It’s more of the “plusher” version of most Graco Snugride car seats on the market and I LOVE that about it. It has mesh on the canopy to make it more breathable, and an extra pop out visor for extra sun protection. The seat is nice and padded, and I especially recommend it for a winter baby. I was so sad when my daughter turned 6 months and we moved her to her new convertible car seat (blog post coming soon!).


On to the stroller, it’s the same as the previous stroller I had, just cosmetically different. I definitely enjoyed the gray/white/black color scheme of this system better than the red/black from the Jive collection. Overall, as before, I loved the stroller.



And of course this little girl loved her stroller as well.

BUT unfortunately, this stroller was returned as well, for a faulty front wheel. As you can see from the picture below:


The wheel is removable for easier car storage, and can be locked in position for fast-paced walking. This stroller was NOT meant as a jogger. The front wheel on my stroller, as many others in reviews, would wobble even on the smoothest terrain and at the slowest speed possible to walk. This kept my daughter awake, as the wobble would shake the entire stroller. Another set back? A replacement wheel was available, but I would be put on a 12 week waiting list. It was a sad day. I took apart this stroller, packed it up and shipped it back to Graco and got my refund credit.

And still to this day, I’m looking for a perfect stroller. Let me know – what’s your favorite stroller/travel system?

Thanks for reading! More to come 🙂



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