Fisher Price Snugabunny Bouncer and Swing Review

So my first choice of brands for baby gear in the house is Fisher Price. They’ve been around for so long, and make quality products. I originally had my heart set on the Rainforest collection. It’s very colorful, bright, and great for either a boy or a girl. But I’ll review that collection in my next post. The new collection was the Snugabunny, and I loved it! The appearance is great – very neutral, and blends in with your living room decor. The bouncer was the first thing I put my daughter in when we arrived home from the hospital.


It is true to the name – it’s so snuggly! I love the insert that surrounds the baby to make them feel comfortable and safe. The three-point harness extended so she could sit in this seat up until she was over five months old.By that point, she just wanted to sit on the floor on her own and be independent, but this seat was so helpful. She took the occasional nap in it, and she loved trying to catch the birds that dangled above her head! It also took batteries, and had a vibrating option along with some softer tunes to help baby nap. This bouncer, at the time of purchase, retailed for $64.99.


^^This is the day she came home, *wipes tear away*

0  1836×3264

                                                     Photo credit given to Melissa  🙂


^It was so cold this winter, and we had horrible drafts coming in both of the sliding doors in our apartment, so we put a warm blanket under her to keep her extra toasty.

Then comes the swing, which retailed for $160.


She wasn’t fond of it at first, and that made me super bummed because of course we had just dropped the money on it and my pregnant self managed to assemble it all on my own, along with the bouncer. It’s definitely the Mercedes of swings. It swings side to side, and front to back, and the seat can face three different directions. It has the same plush seat as the bouncer and the 3-point harness. The seat of the swing can be reclined, or sat up, which is great! The fact that it had an AC adapter was a HUGE bonus, HUGE. The amount of batteries swings go through are insane, so the fact that it has the AC adapter, but also having the battery option, is very useful. It has 6 speed options, 16 soothing musical songs, and a spinning mobile with a mirror attached, and plush birdies for baby to talk to. Sophia talked to those birdies A LOT… I wonder what they talked about…? 🙂

Eventually she came around to the swing, and soon used it for her marathon naps in the afternoon.



And then I had to break her of the “only napping in the swing during the day” habit. Which, wasn’t hard once I put the swing away, so it was presented as an option to her. After a week, she was a pro-crib napper 🙂

I definitely recommend this collection. I know they’re on sale for cheaper now on Amazon and at Babies R’Us, but they were so useful. I even used the bouncer last week when my daughter was sick. She just snuggled right into it, and she’s almost 8 months old! So it definitely fits them for awhile. BUT as much as I love them, I MIGHT be swayed to buy a Mamaroo for the next one, but I guess we’ll see!!

What was your favorite swing or bouncer? Would you buy it over again? Let me know in the comments below!



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