Britax Marathon 70-G3 First Impression & Review!

So I decided to try out Britax for our convertible car seat. While pricey, it has the best safety ratings that I’ve seen, and it seems to be a great company, so we splurged. I was set on purchasing an Evenflo Triumph or a Graco My Ride but neither of them stood up to the Britax – so without further a’do, insert the Britax Marathon 70-G3.




I can’t even begin to tell you the pros about purchasing this car seat over others. There are steel bars built into the seat to keep it as locked into the vehicle’s seat as tight as possible in the event of a crash. I installed it myself while my fiance was at work, and let me tell you, he’s a strong guy. He couldn’t believe how tight of an install I got with this seat. It has the LATCH hooks for the main install, and then also comes with a tether to attach it behind the headrest when it’s forward-facing, and to attach it to the track of the front seat, while rear-facing.




It won’t even budge! That makes me SO happy, I literally have no words to describe it. So next on my love list, the straps. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how annoying twisted car seat straps are. And my fiance? He’s the king of trying to do things himself, but I can’t tell you how many times her Graco infant seat straps were twisted when I got her out. The straps are completely tangle-free, and they even velcro to the side of the seat for easy entry! I almost feel like this car seat was designed by a mommy 🙂 We didn’t need the infant cushion for very long, maybe a few weeks, and then we removed it.



The harness buckle in between the legs also has a cover on it, that in my opinion, should be on every car seat known to man. This has probably saved my daughter from a handful of thigh-pinching buckle sessions. It’s very soft, and always lays flat so she’s never sitting on it. All of the straps are completely out of the way for easy exit/entry.



We have our seat installed in our 2013 Mazda CX-5 and it’s a great fit. I haven’t gotten one for my fiance’s car yet because they are pretty expensive. So in due time, we’ll save up for another one. Even with this seat installed, two people can sit comfortably in the back seat, as shown below.


Sophia LOVES this seat. She is so happy when she’s in it, as you can tell 🙂





I really can’t wait to get another one. I’m debating on whether to stick with the Marathon 70-G3 or branching out to a different style. What style Britax convertible car seat do you prefer? Advocate? Boulevard? Let me know in the comments below, happy car seat shopping!



3 thoughts on “Britax Marathon 70-G3 First Impression & Review!

  1. Hi there. We just bought a CX-5 and are having troubles figuring out where to attach the tether with our britax car seat rear-facing. I can’t loop it around the usual spot under the front seat around the metal bar (that holds the seat to the floor). Can you share how you were able to loop it around?
    PS – we love our britax carseats too! And our new CX-5 of course:)


    • I was able to loop it around under the front passenger seat! Just push the seat all the way up, and you can slide through the tether 🙂 We love ours too! I hope this helps – if not, I can email you a pic if you’d like.


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