My Love Affair with Tommee Tippee.

No, but really. Let me just address something here. For some reason, an unknown reason might I add, I had it out for Tommee Tippee when I was pregnant. I had it engraved in my mind that I wouldn’t use any of their products. There were so many other brands out there, and I had my heart set on using Born Free bottles. End of story. That was, until I was gifted a single 5oz Tommee Tippee bottle.

The end.

I. Love. Tommee. Tippee.


So I was a breastfeeding mama all the way. Around 3 weeks old, I introduced a bottle to my exclusively breastfed daughter. She took it pretty quickly. It was a Born Free bottle. In short? I love the bottles, but I hate how many freaking pieces there are. I will end that rant right there. Still to this day the hubby hasn’t figured out how to put that bottle together. But I digress. After a week or two of washing the 3 Born Free bottles in rotation, all 3 bottles equaling 18 parts might I add, I had no clean bottles. I was tired, I had to go to Target, and there it was – the lonely Tommee Tippee bottle. I caved. I defrosted a bag of breast milk, dumped it in, swirled it around and handed my daughter off to the hubby and she took it instantly. It was then that I began to wonder… why do I hate Tommee Tippee again?

And that my friends, is how the Tommee Tippee love affair began. The following week I went to Babies R’Us because they were having a BOGO sale on Tommee Tippee. I bought two 3-packs of 9oz bottles and never looked back. Since then? I’ve bought the 3-pack of pink bottles, another 3-pack of regular bottles, two different sippy cups, pacifiers, bottle lids, and formula containers for inside the bottles (how freaking cool is that?!) It’s become an addiction. I’ve also gotten some bottles secondhand from mom’s in my area whose babies didn’t like them.


They are simple. Bottle + ring + nipple = Tommee Tippee. I am aware that the make the "gentle" version, and one for colic babies. I don’t own either of those types, simply because I don’t need them.  The nipples have air valves in them to help with the nipple collapse problem that I constantly had with other bottles. (Not to mention the angry baby on the other end of that bottle who wasn’t getting any milk!)  They clean easily, and sterilize with ease. I boil my bottles at least once a week, and they’re also put in the dishwasher and hand washed.


It’s really just that easy. Looking back now at those first few weeks, I can’t believe I’m going to have a one year old in 2 weeks. I can’t imagine not having her, but more, I can’t imagine not using Tommee Tippee products. They really are amazing. Depending on what my insurance covers for the next baby, I may go out and purchase the Tommee Tippee pump, so it makes it that much easier to pump, store, and feed the next baby. I had an Evenflo with my daughter now, and, um, no. Just, no.

Let me know what your favorite pump + bottles are for your baby in the comments below!