What 2013 Taught Me to Strive for in 2014.

I’ve made new friends and lost old ones. I was thrown into the wild, crazy, incredible world of being a stay at home mom. Jay and I bought a house, and we got married. It was a pretty big year for milestones if you ask me. But besides the big things, there were some key points and lessons I’ve learned this year that will definitely shape me into a different person coming into 2014. Ok, maybe not a different person, but a different mindset, if you will.

1) Putting family/friends first. We moved to Maryland almost 3 years ago. Before we even knew Sophia existed, we traveled back home to New Jersey pretty frequently. Now since my pregnancy, car sickness, and now having a toddler and Jay’s crazy 24/7 on-call work schedule, it’s been made just a tad harder to travel as frequently as before. Sophia is also more aware of her surroundings being a year old now, and she doesn’t nap as well in the car on the 2 1/2 hour drive to and from NJ. She also shares my old bedroom with us in NJ, and sleeps in a PnP, but she’s very hard to share a room with and hates it just as much as we do, so she doesn’t sleep much at all on any of our trips.

WITH THAT SAID, I’m hoping to be in NJ more often this year. My family does make the effort to travel to MD more than us travel to them, and I’m so grateful. So do my closest friends from NJ. That’s how you know you have good friends; they travel even for just the day, to spend time with you. If your friends won’t make that commitment, they aren’t your real friends. So just in a general sense, see family/friends more. Possibly (hoping!) to even make a trip to Texas to visit my sister Melissa, Brad and the puppies.

xmas card



2) Making time for my marriage. Having a baby can be stressful on any relationship. Jay and I aren’t party people. We don’t barhop, and we don’t drop our baby off so we can go to Happy Hour for apps and drinks. It’s just never how we’ve been, and I like it that way. HOWEVER we have met some pretty great neighbors since moving into our new house and they’ve offered up their nights and weekends to letting us go out on a date night. I am just so grateful. Sophia is in bed by 7:30 at the latest most nights. We literally would need someone to sit in the house, on our couch, and watch movies and eat food while we’re gone.

We’ve come to realize that it’s something we need. Even just once a month, just one dinner and a night to ourselves. I tested this out (on my own) when Jay took Sophia to see his family, and I went out to dinner good ol’family style, just the five of us, and I actually had a great time. It was so relaxing. I had almost forgot what it was like to not be responsible for anyone other than myself, just for once. So I want to keep up with it, even with just Jay and I, and have that relaxing date night.

*We had dinner at Brickhouse Tavern and Tap in Neptune, NJ and it was sooooo good. I wish I took pictures, but I pretty much stuffed my face.

3) Do something, and stick with it, for once in my life. Every Friday, at 8am, you can expect a blog post from me. It’ll be about pretty much anything, nail polish, baby stuff, new recipes, makeup, house decor etc. But regardless the topic, it’ll be posted. I got into a very bad habit in 2013 of starting things and not finishing them, including my laundry, and it’s time to cut that shit out. I’m going to be 24 (yikes!) and I need to start acting like it. It definitely gives me a good kick in the butt when other people mention to me how I start things and never finish them, and I don’t like to be that example. No more excuses.

4) Be more social. I had about 8 new “girlfriends” after getting my job at Bonefish Grill when we moved here. I soon realized that no matter what state you live in, girls will burn you left and right, and soon removed all of those people from my life. I became friends with some mom’s in my area, and of course the families of the babies I had been a nanny for, prior to Sophia. I’ve started a few mommy groups, had some play dates, but I really want to have that close knit group of friends again, like I had in NJ. The only way that’s going to happen though, is if I’m more social. So that’s a big goal for me.

and finally…

5) To stop trying to switch from a diaper bag to a purse. I’ve officially given up. The end. #diaperbagforlife


What are your goals for 2014? What has 2013 taught you?




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