Gifts for a 1st Birthday.

Having a one year old now, (holy crap) I’ve been watching her play lately. She’s become very interested in certain things, and is developing favorites! That being said, if I had to buy for a 1st birthday party, and I didn’t have a one year old, I’d have no clue what to buy. It’s that age where they still don’t do a TON but they also need something more complex than a toy rattle or ball. So, I compiled a list of Sophia’s favorite toys, and hopefully this will help you new parents, or buyers, get a clear direction to the best toys that I’ve seen are the most interesting for a one year old.

1) Leapfrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket. (For girls) It’s been my daughter’s favorite toy so far between everything, and I mean EVERYTHING she got for her birthday and Christmas. She recognizes the utensils from using them at meals, cups to drink from, even a napkin! It’s also getting her into the habit of taking things out, and putting them back in. It’s awesome. And it sings. So, clearly, you can see it won her over. It retails at Toys R’Us for $26.99.


2) Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks. I got these from a local Mom Swap in my area. I paid $2 for them, and if I knew Sophia would end up loving them as much as she does, I’d pay $20 for them. She plays with these blocks every day. She’s developed a favorite color, and so far, it’s purple. She goes for the purple blocks immediately. She’s had this toy since she was about 6-7 months old, but now that she’s one year old, she understands the purpose of it. She even carries the bucket around and collects the blocks, and then dumps them all back out. Trust me, it’ll be the best $12.99 you’ll spend.


3) Plush Animal Chair – Elephant Design. I couldn’t imagine my daughter’s day starting out any other way than with a fresh diaper, a hug, and her diving on to this chair. She runs, yes, RUNS across the house to dive on to this hair. It was bought over a year ago, and a present from the grandparent’s, so I’m not sure of the price. It’s her favorite chair. I was the happiest mommy ever the first time she went over and squatted down, and took a seat. We bought her a Tinker Bell chair from a swap for $5 but she prefers this one. And who wouldn’t prefer this one? IT’S SO FLUFFY! *If you know that movie reference, you’re the best.


4) Leapfrog My Puppy Pal – Scout & Leapfrog My Puppy Pal – Violet. These are genius. Your baby’s name, favorite food, songs, animals etc can be programmed into this cute stuffed animal! The songs are adorable and it even sings about your baby’s name. It’s not so static in the sense that it plays the same thing over and over again. It connects using a USB port to your computer, and you can change the songs and preferences as often as you want. They retail for $24.99.



To many, these ideas sound simple. Boring perhaps? Not to a baby, trust me. Sophia has equally loved all of these toys, and continues to go back to them. It’s amazing what they remember day after day. Another idea? BOOKS! The hard page cardboard ones. Sophia reads books every day. She brings them with her to the kitchen, under the dining room table, and just sits and pretends to reads. She flips through the pages like a pro.

What toys would you recommend for a one year old? What toy did you bring to a birthday party recently?




4 thoughts on “Gifts for a 1st Birthday.

  1. Owen loves his scout toy and books too. He’s also a big fan of little people and little people wheelies. He loves to carry them around in his hands. He also loves his farm and Noah’s arc which were mine in the early 90s. He loves all of his cars and “zooming” them around.


    • He loves a bunch of things! Sophia is my little nerd! She loves her books too. She has the Little People pink bus and the SUV but isn’t super interested in them yet. She’s been pretty selective about her toys lately.


  2. My daughter is 15 months old and has the little people supermarket but doesn’t really play with it yet. Her favorite toys are the FB activity cube, her pop-up activity toy and her playschool push walker and FB baby’s first blocks. Plus she loves puzzles and board books


    • I told everyone to get my daughter cardboard books for her birthday, she loved them too! Just recently (as in the last week) she’s been obsessed with the FP Little People school bus, and the tea sets she got for her birthday. She’ll be 18 mos in a week or so. She loves puzzles too!


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