Home Decor: Bathrooms

This will be my first of many home decor posts. I never liked doing these types of posts before because we always rented, and nothing I decorated was ever permanent for more than 8 months. Now that we’ve moved into a four bedroom, four bathroom villa-style house, I’ve been in decorating mode more than ever before! The first areas of the house that I was able to decorate were the bathrooms. We have two upstairs, one on the main floor, and one on the lower/basement level. **Note: This isn’t a finished project, yet. This is kind of my, how do I put this, “what I did so far” pictures. We haven’t painted yet because it’s recommended we wait a year until the house “settles” and the builder comes back and fixes any cracks, nail pops, etc, being that it’s new construction. I’m really itching to paint though, ask my husband.

So without further a ‘do, here is my progress so far.

Master bathroom (Upstairs)

 20140114_173748 20140114_173810

20140114_173816 20140114_173823  20140114_173842

Main thing I don’t like about our master is the extra large/long toilet. It makes finding lid covers impossible unless I order online. We do need legit rugs though. That tile is beautiful, but so cold on your toes in the winter!

Guest/Sophia’s bathroom (Upstairs)

 20140114_173925 20140114_173931

 20140114_173949 20140114_173956

This is the most useful bathroom, IMO. It has an extra wide vanity, with functioning drawers. There’s a ton of space between the tub and the toilet which is a MUST when you’re a mommy trying to squeeze yourself in between there on your knees to bathe your baby. It also has a gigantic closet!! This house has so much storage – I swear a woman designed it. You’ll understand that more in future posts.

Powder room (Main Level)

 20140114_173122 20140114_173131 20140114_173135

20140114_173143 20140114_173150 20140114_173202

I’ve never seen a powder room this big. It’s usually just a closet style bathroom with a toilet and pedestal sink. The fact that I can fit this table in there is amazing. The table is actually at least 40 years old? My dad refinished it and gave it to us and I’ve always found the perfect place for it in every place we’ve lived. I plan on doing black rugs, etc for this bathroom. Keep it with clean lines. Still a work in progress! So until then, everything shares gray rugs 😉

Guest bathroom (Lower/basement level)

20140114_173308 20140114_173314 20140114_173341 20140114_173342

This was a bonus bathroom, and what a great one! Again, another closet. There’s also a bedroom on this floor for guests, and they have a full bathroom and a den, and access to outside. I’d say that’s a pretty good place to stay? This bathroom has unfortunately been neglected – besides the shower curtain. I’m still not sure what color I want to go with , and that shower curtain is just temporary.

So those are the bathrooms in my new house! If you have any ideas, or Pinterest pictures that will drain my wallet, please feel free to share them with me!

My Pinterest is the same as all of my social media, (@)kyliemarieslife.

How did you decorate your bathrooms? Did you do them all at once? How did you choose a theme/color? Let me know in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “Home Decor: Bathrooms

  1. I think my favorite is the powder room, love that table! Gimme.

    Why don’t you put the towel rack in the master over the toilet? Wouldn’t that free up space and make it look more open?


    • It’s my favorite too! It fits perfectly, so, not a chance of sharing! 😉

      The toilet lid is too long and the bottom shelf on the rack is too short, so it doesn’t fit 😦 I’m thinking of getting a different one.


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