Home Safety Featuring Safety 1st: Baby Proofing.

We all know that while baby proofing is absolutely necessary, it’s absolutely a pain in the butt. The gates, the locks, the socket covers… But it’s all worth it, because your baby is safe. If you’re just starting to baby proof your home, here are some of my favorites so far that have really helped control my curious little girl 🙂

Safety 1st Secure Press Plug Protectors


The first thing Sophia does when we go to a friend’s house is try to climb up their stairs and then stick her fingers in their electrical sockets. It’s so dangerous, and it’s only a matter of time until she tries to lick one (ugh!) so these plug protectors went right to work once we bought our new house. They come out easily for adults, but are very difficult for babies to even remotely figure out. They’re a win-win.


Safety 1st Foam Edge Bumpers


These are awesome. Our furniture is brown, and these blend in flawlessly. I don’t like the bumper that drapes around the entire top of entertainment systems, and it’s just so prominent. Most times when kids do fall, they’re by the corner of a table, and these do a great job and protecting their faces from getting hit. Sophia loves them for when she’s teething – they’re squishy foam so they’re perfect to chew on for her.


Safety 1st Press N’ Pivot Latches

sf1st3 sf1st4

I recommend these particular latches over the basic ones that Safety 1st offers. These do screw into your cabinets which can be a pain, but they’re more versatile. These work to keep the cabinets locked when you need them to be, and can pivot to an “inactive” position when your child is out of the “eating dish soap and unloading the Ziploc bags” phase. They’re also discrete, and can’t be seen unless the cabinet door is open, so they don’t take away from the appeal of a high-end kitchen.


Safety 1st Decor Custom Fit All Purpose Strap 


I wish I would’ve bought a pack of these months ago. My daughter is a garbage picker. If she sees a garbage, she’s going to go over and pick through it. If it’s getting full, she’ll go for the first thing that looks like either a k-cup or raw meat packaging, neither of which I ever want her touching. Insert these straps. They are discrete, you can customize them to fit almost anything, and they’re almost adult proof. I really love them, and I’ll be purchasing some more to have on hand just in case she finds more things to open. No screws, just simple adhesive and my garbage picker as been contained.


I also maybe be purchasing the Oven Door Lock and the Stove Knob Covers in the near future.

sf1st6 sf1st7

She nearly ruined my risotto by turning the knob from simmer to high yesterday, and I know she’d love to climb in the oven one day. I’ll be doing a baby gate post in the near future. Having 3 floors is fun, until your child knows how to climb stairs. I also wish they made sturdy portable baby gates to keep in the car for friends’ houses. 


What are your favorite safety items for your house? Anything you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!!




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