Sick Baby, Food Coma and Harness Buddy?

So our Friday started off with 103.3 fever from Miss Sophia 😦 She was pretty miserable and sleepy through the day on Thursday, so I called the doctor. They were completely booked, but they offered to double-book our doctor at a 4:30pm time slot. Thank goodness we took it – poor baby had a bulging ear infection and was so congested, so her face and ear were just throbbing for 2 days straight. We went and grabbed her antibiotics and then headed off to go food shopping.

*Note: Food shopping on a Friday night is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Thursday – Laying on her Sofia pillow with bunny watching Sofia the First.


Friday – The sickness has taken over 😦

sickbaby3 sickbaby2 sickbaby1 sickbaby

Poor girl. She had a rough two days. But, it’s amazing what antibiotics and 12+ hours of sleep can do for a baby. She was running around like a crazy girl, (yes, that’s my infinity scarf she’s wearing, that she won’t take off…. like, ever) and she was slowly but surely returning back to her normal self.



We had some errands to run on Saturday, and after errands we were starving, so we headed to get some sushi at a new place we haven’t tried before. It was pretty good! They also have the best shrimp tempura roll I’ve ever tried. Per usual, Sophia ate the ginger.

20140125_153715 20140125_153726

Sophia fell asleep soon after we left sushi, so Jay dropped me at the door of our Super Walmart, and I ran in to get two baby items that I’ve wanted to try – the BooginHead SippiGrip and Carter’s Child of Mine 2-in-1 Harness Buddy, Girl Monkey. I can see the SippiGrip working amazing, but I’m a bit hesitant about the Harness Buddy. My plan is to use it when we are at petting zoo’s, the nursery farm that I do some work for in the spring/summer, etc. I feel it’s to be used in places where kids are meant to explore, and not be confined to a stroller, but also providing peace of mind to the parents that their kids are still within reach. I will not call it a leash, because I don’t see it as a leash. I know this item is pretty controversial, so I’m curious to see what others’ thoughts are.

sickbaby8 sickbaby9

*The link I posted says the Harness Buddy is $25+ but I purchased this at my local Walmart for $9.97.

Finally to end our Saturday, I made some French Onion soup from scratch (recipe from Tyler Florence on Food Network) and made the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits to go with it. It came out amazing. I’ve never cooked with red wine before, but it was such a positive experience! I can’t wait to cook with red wine again.


Now it’s Sunday, and our day is going to consist of leftovers, pajamas, and being bums all day 😀

How was your weekend?




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