A Little Monday Purée.

First and foremost, how about a cute gummy baby picture from July?


I love this picture, and it makes me want another baby. Not really, but still. I CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTENESS!

And now on to the actual purpose for this post…

What makes my food shopping trip exciting? Seeing a bag of 3lb golden delicious apples for $1.49. Why you ask? The better question is, why not?! Every mom is looking to provide the best for their baby, and if the best involves spending less, then that’s a win-win for me! While Sophia loves to eat apples, she still likes having oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, every morning. That hasn’t changed since we introduced solids to her. I’ve made about 70% of her baby food purées thus far, and the rest has been store-bought. She loves Ella’s Kitchen pouches the best out of all of the brands, and eats them still to this day.

Now that she’s a toddler and getting a new tooth every day (maybe not every day, but it sure seems like it!) she eats a TON of food. I’d say everything food-related on my blog, she eats. She even shoved her face in my French Onion soup bowl yesterday. But I digress. Back to the apples!

One 2-pack of Gerber Stage 2 fruit costs about $1.07 at local grocery stores, and a single pouch like the Ella’s Kitchen brand costs anywhere from $1.39-$1.89. You’re clearly paying for convenience. One 3lb bag of apples cost $1.49, and I bought two bags. After removing the skin and core, steaming and puréeing, I’m left with 3lbs of apple purée.



And, you don’t need a fancy baby food maker (i.e the Baby Bullet, Baby Food Pro, etc) to make baby food yourself. Don’t let your mommy friends fool you 😉

A pot with a steaming basket and a blender. That’s all you need to actually make the food. Here we go!


20140127_120302 20140127_121158

Steam the apples, toss in blender, add a tiny bit of water, and blend!

20140127_121212 20140127_122013

And, voila! 3lbs of apple sauce / apple puree ready to use and to freeze.

You can buy ice cube trays in Walmart/Target for $1-2 each, and you can freeze this in 1oz portions. How much easier can it get? (Besides buying it off the shelf at a cost)

Did you make your baby’s baby food? Did you think it was better? More time consuming? Not worth it? Let me know!




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