These Are a Few of my Favorite Things.

I’m very picky with what I call a “favorite”. Most times it’s my favorite for a week, and then it either disappears or I’ve found something better. So far, these are my favorites that have stuck around or are new favorites that have made the cut and lasted over a week without getting lost! Hooray!

I’ve separated these favorites into my personal favorites, and my favorites for Miss Sophia.



  • Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion. This has been my go-to face lotion/moisturizer for almost 2 years. I stopped buying it about 8 months ago because I couldn’t find it anywhere but Ulta, and then it disappeared from there as well. But now it’s back! I’m so excited, and so is my skin. It has 2% salicylic acid in it to help treat and prevent breakouts.
  • Growth Spurt Nail Treatment. I have yet to find a nail treatment that works as well as this polish. I’ve even splurged on the OPI Nail Envy, which retails for $17+. (You can find it cheaper on Amazon and eBay) It goes under my nail polish once a week, and I get amazing, strong, evenly-growing nails. Definitely recommend! You can buy it at Sally’s Beauty Supply.
  • Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay. This was a spur of the moment purchase. It wasn’t something that I’d heard too much about. Most of the reviews were average, and listed it as not a necessity in your makeup collection. I completely disagree. I LOVE this palette. I’ve used it for over a year now and I’ve used it more than my original Naked palette. The matte shades are perfect, the highlight is beautiful and I can use the darkest shade for eyeliner.
  • Colgate Optic White Enamel Toothpaste. I’ve never been one to stray from my Crest 3D White Glamorous White Toothpaste, but I needed a change. So far I’m really enjoying it! It’s a bit more abrasive than other toothpastes, but if you know anything about me and my excessive exfoliating problem, you’ll know that I love things like this. Some people say, “Pregnancy ruined my body, skin, hair, etc”. Well, pregnancy really did a number on my teeth, especially because it was harder to keep up my calcium levels being lactose intolerant. So I’ve been trying to get them back to how they were pre-pregnancy.
  • Tangle Teezer. This has made me pack away every brush and wide tooth comb I own. My hair didn’t necessarily get “ruined” by pregnancy, but the texture definitely changed. It’s made it so hard to detangle, and I have super fine hair. I can sneeze and my hair will get tangled. This is amazing. Go buy one. The end.


Now on to my baby favorites!


  • Sassy Disposable Diaper Sacks. I don’t believe in diaper genies or any of those fancy poop holders. The fact is, poop smells. If you put all in one spot, it’s going to smell even more. This isn’t even a debate for me. Since Sophia was born, we’ve used disposable diaper sacks of different brands, and disposed of her diapers in our regular garbage can. That 50 ct packet is $2 at my local Walmart. You can get a 200 ct box for under $8 on Amazon. I just don’t find the diaper genie systems necessary. Also, these bags are pretty big, and for the longest time, I could fit 4-5 diapers in one bag!
  • Water Wipes. These are from an Ireland based company. I’ll be doing a review on them shortly! We’ve always used Pampers Sensitive diapers and wipes. I love the diapers, and I will use them forever, even though they’re more pricey. I’ve always liked the wipes but even the sensitive wipes have a weird scent. These Water Wipes have no scent. They’re made with 99.9% water and 0.3% fruit extract. THAT’S IT. They’re the only wipes that contain no chemicals, parabans, alcohol, or perfumes. You can buy them on, Amazon or
  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Hehe. The name gets me every time. But I love this stuff as well. Sophia made it pretty clear early on in her little life that she hated Desitin. It’s very strong and often burns, and it made diaper changes a horrible experience. This diaper cream treats and prevents rashes, and has an extremely pleasant scent that you can’t smell on them from a mile away, ahem, like Desitin. They also make a Natural version of this as well, but we haven’t tested it out yet. We still use Aquaphor and have it all around the house.
  • Johnson’s No More Tangles. With the fineness of Sophia’s hair, I never thought I’d need a product like this. The way she sleeps as of late, is on her back. The back of her hair has turned into such a little rats nest! I needed to do something. Luckily she loves having it sprayed and combed out. So far we really like this spray! I want to get the L’Oreal Kids detangle spray as well – I loved the pear smell as a kid.


So those are our favorites so far! I think I’ll do this once a month.


What are your personal favorites? Baby favorites? Anything you recommend?

First Night Without a Baby?

Yes, you read that title correctly. This past weekend was our first overnight trip without Sophia. She’ll be 15 months next week. And by “trip”, I mean one night. It was a nice baby step to getting comfortable to leave her for longer than that for a possible upcoming vacation. We were in downtown Baltimore for the weekend, so only a half hour away, but just far enough for us. My family came down for the weekend to take care of Sophia, and she didn’t even miss us. That’s how much she loves them. Of course they spoil her in every which way and she loves the attention. It made me feel so much better that she was comfortable, and not left with a random babysitter.

Let me start off by saying we aren’t city people. We do love to eat though, so Baltimore definitely gives you a ton of options to enjoy from your typical chain restaurants, to the small, hole-in-the-wall type of restaurants that are just to die for. We booked our hotel through Expedia. It was my first time using it, and I was pretty impressed. A one bedroom suite in the city, two blocks from the Inner Harbor that didn’t cost an arm and a leg? Perfect. Insert the Springhill Suites by Marriott.



Our first stop of the day was lunch. We made all of our reservations online, so it was very easy to set everything up. Lunch was Alchemy on 36th. New favorite restaurant? That’s an understatement. It’s tucked away on East 36th Street, and parking isn’t the easiest to find, but well worth the search.


It was Baltimore’s Restaurant Week so the restaurants participating had pre-set menus for brunch, lunch and dinner. We were starving when we got to Alchemy and since they don’t encourage phone usage in the restaurant itself, we didn’t get pictures of our meals. We both got soup, French Onion Au Gratin and Crab Bisque (holy yum), a Chorizo burger for Jay, and the Croque Monseur for me. It. Was. So. Good. You really just need to go there. I can’t explain it anymore. I’d go there for lunch today if heading into that area with a toddler didn’t scare the crap out of me.

We left, grabbed some snack food before our afternoon movie (that didn’t end up happening) and then we headed to Fells Point per my friend Sarah’s recommendation to walk around and see all of the small shops. I loved the cobblestone roads. I also loved this sweet shop we came across called Kilwin’s Chocolates & Ice Cream. The fudge is incredible, but we got some ice cream and I can’t even explain how delicious it was. I sampled the Limited Edition Strawberry Cheesecake and I wanted to put my face in the container. So. Good. We settled on Cake Batter ice cream in a waffle cone for Jay, and a bowl of Lemon Sorbet for me. SO GOOD. GO THERE.

weekend3 weekend4

Seriously the best sorbet I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve tried a LOT of sorbet, so I’d say I’m slightly obsessed.

We walked around for a bit, then headed back to the hotel to hang out until dinner. Unfortunately my procrastination led to a super late reservation at Ruth’s Chris. Jay napped, I chatted with my mom to see how my little bug was doing, and then started getting ready for dinner. Our reservation was at 8:30pm.


Weekend mirror selfie! I couldn’t resist. I never get to dress up, so this was a nice treat 🙂

We got the valet to bring the car around and headed to dinner, where we then found out that Ruth’s Chris was running 15 minutes behind reservations. They sent us to the bar to grab a drink, with every other person waiting for a table. We had a drink, and chatted with an older man at the bar. Jay melted people into puddles of liquor after showing off our little princess. It’s funny how one view from someone can change your day.

I definitely feel like our everyday busy lives can get in the way of our relationship and marriage. Everything is just a blur, and that man said to cherish all of your moments, and of course our first night out. I just felt so thankful that we were able to get out and enjoy ourselves. It gave me that warm, fuzzy, mushy feeling inside. I loved it.


After 40 minutes of waiting past our reservation at Ruth’s Chris, we were seated. Conveniently enough, we were seated next to the three drunk girls we saw stumbling at the bar downstairs. Perfect. Our waiter was nice… I think. Though, at that type of restaurant, it’s pretty easy to piss them off. Just simply ask for regular water, not sparkling, order off of the Restaurant Week menu, and don’t get any alcohol or coffee. I’ve been a server, I know how annoying this must be. The salad I got chose was simple, but the gumbo Jay ordered was under seasoned and lacked the heat that a gumbo often normally has.

I ordered the filet, and Jay ordered the Stuffed Chicken. I think I preferred his chicken to my filet. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but, that’s it. It wasn’t anything super amazing. I was warned by my sister that it wasn’t impressive. Though, the sweet potato casserole was pretty amazing. I don’t think we’d ever dine here outside of Restaurant Week, if we would even dine there again. I just don’t get the hype. I also seemed to have offended the waiter when I didn’t like the side of potatoes I ordered, and barely touched, and he didn’t make the effort to accommodate me in asking if I wanted something different, and also left it on the check. For the prices you pay at that restaurant, I feel you should definitely be catered to a bit better. But, that’s just my opinion.

We boxed up the leftovers, dropped them to the car and headed out to grab some drinks at Howl at the Moon in Power Plant Live.


I felt so old there! Girls celebrating their 21st birthdays, getting sloppy and drunk and falling all over the place. It’s just not my thing, and it never has been, and that’s probably because I’ve never weighed enough to be able to handle 16 drinks in one night. Sad? Nope. I really just don’t like drinking.


We left about a half hour later like old farts 😉 I would just much rather watch a movie in comfy clothes and hang out in the hotel.

Next morning, we headed downstairs for breakfast.


It looked better than it tasted, but that salsa was on point. I was impressed.

We went back upstairs for a bit, then we checked out, grabbed the car from the valet and headed BACK to Alchemy for brunch. Can you say obsessed? Unfortunately they didn’t offer brunch that particular Sunday, bummer 😦 BUT we got to try some things from the regular menu, and well, I wish I lived closer. I’d probably eat their every day.


We ordered this beauty as a starter, the Crab Cassole. Oh. My. Goodness. I couldn’t stop eating it. It’s addicting. We ended up taking it home and yes, I had it for breakfast yesterday. Go ahead, judge away.


Jay got the crab cake sandwich which was literally nothing but crab. This place doesn’t mess around. I got that beauty up there, the Short Rib Grilled Cheese. Yes, I’m eating the leftovers of that today for lunch. The chips are homemade, all sauces from scratch and the chef is only 1 in 5 finalists for Chef of the Year! How cool is that? His food is amazing.

We grabbed some coffee and headed home. I literally was tearing up, I couldn’t WAIT to see my baby. Her smile just lights up my life.


We had a great weekend away. It was really nice to spend time together, just Jay and I. It doesn’t happen often, but I cherish every time that it does.

We’ll be away again in a few weeks for a quick weekend trip for a baptism, and my family will come and watch her again. But after that, I want to keep her for a little while before we plan an actual vacation. We still haven’t gone on a ‘honeymoon’ or anything, and I’d really love a little all-inclusive getaway, eventually.

When was the first time you left your baby overnight? Did you wait as long as we did?

It’s Been a Long Week.

First off, let me address that Sophia has been in bed for an hour, and Little Einsteins is still on TV. #momproblems

This week (unfortunately) has not been the best. Surprisingly my birthday was on Wednesday, oh hey, and it still sucked. I’ve just been a grumpy pants all week and I literally cannot WAIT until we leave for our little night away downtown this weekend.  We’re heading to enjoy Baltimore’s Restaurant Week and I couldn’t be more excited. On the flip side, I’ve never left Sophia overnight, ever. Like, never ever. I really don’t know how everyone else does that on the regular. It just breaks my heart. I just love being there for her every second of every day. It makes me nervous and I know I’ll probably cry.

I’m slowly accepting that.

Last Wednesday it snowed about 15 inches here in Maryland. What?! That was no fun. Neither was shoveling, or seeing it for a week afterwards. But there’s always a little bright side to the snow. Jay got snowed in and got to spend the day with Sophia and I. She loved it.



Friday was Valentine’s Day and of course, Jay went all out and got Sophia and I the prettiest roses. Best part? He didn’t buy them from 1-800-Flowers on Valentine’s Day. If you didn’t read that article, you can read it here. I died laughing. Broken vases, wrong bouquets, and angry husbands who ordered flowers ON VALENTINE’S DAY that weren’t delivered until Monday. Serves you right, asshole. My husband bought them on Wednesday BEFORE THE SNOW STORM. He wins. The end.



How cool is that?!

He also got me my favorite Italian Ice. No but really, I ate a box every two days when I was pregnant. Good thing I craved it mostly in the summer, because now? It’s easily $4/box at some stores. Just the best. I love the other flavors too, but the mango is so good, I just can’t stray from my addiction.

Then YAY! It was my birthday on Wednesday! I turned the big 2-4. To be honest? I kept forgetting it was my birthday until I’d get a birthday card in the mail. I had a really crappy day, but Jay is the best and knows that ice cream cake is a sure fire way to make me happy, and it did. Oh, and an additional box of Italian Ice. Weeeeeeee!


This was the first birthday in a LONG time that I didn’t get ready or go anywhere. Except to drop Jay’s car off to get an oil change, at the ass crack of dawn. But I digress.

Today was a cleaning day! It’s always a cleaning day on Tuesday and Thursday. Lysoling toys, cleaning toilets, vacuuming. It’s a luxurious life I lead, wouldn’t you say? No but seriously, I sleep SO MUCH BETTER when the house is clean. I love it. I don’t know how people live with crap everywhere. Can’t. Handle. On another note, I’m going to really try and be nothing but happy in the coming weeks, no matter what is thrown my way. I need some happiness.


We had a little trip to Ikea to pick up my family store card from the kiosk. The day started like this:



and then it went to this:


She was NOT happy that I had to go to the restroom.  She’s terrified of the loud flushing toilets, so to be strapped in a seat with the toilet in sight? No bueno. Abort, abort!!

(She was doused in hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes after this picture, btw. Insert germaphobe mom here)



Sophia was being super cute this morning with her… little duck face? Blowing raspberries? Who knows, but that girl had fun at breakfast.



What does your toddler eat for breakfast? I feel like I’m running out of ideas. Help.

The Community Plate.

I get asked all too frequently how we get Sophia to eat such a variety of food. This girl will pretty much try anything.

Here’s my secret: The Community Plate.

This tactic is exactly how it sounds – whatever is on our plates, we share with Sophia (aside from raw sushi, jalapenos and nuts). If we’re eating omelets, so is she. If we’re eating wedge salads and twice baked potatoes, so is she. This is a great way to see what flavors she likes, dislikes, and what I can make in larger batches and save for leftovers. For the longest time, she would share Jay’s cayenne pepper, hot sauce coated scrambled eggs and oatmeal pancake for breakfast, in addition to her own oatmeal and fruit. This tactic also helps when going out to dinner, or even making dinner at home. We can easily give her leftover chicken enchiladas if we’re having buffalo chicken pasta, which is a bit too spicy for her. I can make sure that whatever I order out, she can have as well.

We never have to make two separate dinners. 

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So far, the one thing we’ve noticed that she doesn’t have the tolerance for, is fried food. We don’t make fried food at home, and rarely order it when we’re out. But the ONE TIME Jay ordered French fries cooked in duck fat, (holy delicious btw!) Sophia gobbled them up and was not happy for the next few days. Same result has happened with fried chicken, fried shrimp, etc. Again, all of these items were tried because we were out to dinner, at a birthday party, etc and it was becoming a consistent pattern that she just couldn’t hang with the fried foods.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that she can’t handle fried foods. French fries for a one year old is not a meal, and never should be considered one, IMO. I’d also like to spare myself the Chick Fil A experience. She just enjoys healthy foods. Grilled chicken, vegetables, fruits, grains etc. I really couldn’t be happier.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this face enjoying healthy foods every day?



What does your baby/toddler eat? Are they picky? Do they eat everything?

IKEA, Couch Potatoes and Risotto.

Our weekend started on Friday when Grandma and Aunt Ashley came to visit! It was Ashley’s birthday as well so we went out and had lunch and then made a much needed trip to IKEA. I know it’s a hike for my mom where she lives in NJ, but it’s less than twenty minutes from my house, so it’s usually part of her visit when she comes. Of course I don’t mind – I love me some IKEA. Unfortunately I ripped everything open like the 5 year old I truly am, and didn’t take pictures of everything I got. Silly me. I got quite a few things for cheap, so I’ll try to list as many as I can below.

*All pictures are linked to the IKEA website – just click*

PRUTA Food Container, Set of 17 for $4.79


RÖRT Spoons, $1.49 each

ikea2 ikea3

KALAS Plates and Bowls, 6 pack for $1.99

ikea4 ikea5

FNISS Wastepaper Basket in Black, $1.99


TOFTBO Bathmat in Gray, $9.99


SKUBB box, Set of 6 in White, $7.99


TVIS Door Mat, Black, $3.99


So that was everything. I made sure and checked my receipt 🙂 It was a very successful trip and I’m definitely heading back to get another door mat and more of the SKUBB boxes for organizing inside of drawers. I’m in love with them, and if you know me, I’m pretty much an organizing psycho? Seems extreme, but it’s late, so I’m willing to let that go.

This weekend, however, we did nothing. Absolutely, positively, nothing. It was pretty amazing. Sophia is definitely getting cabin fever though, so I’ll probably take her out tomorrow to wander the mall or Storyville, weather contingent. Oh, did I mention it’s snowing in Maryland? Shocker. We usually make dinner together on Saturday nights, have some wine, and watch a movie that has finally hit Blu-Ray. Sophia had a long day, Jay got tied up a work because something always breaks on a Friday (again, shocker) so we didn’t thoroughly think through a meal plan, and that then led to ordering a boat load of sushi from a spot in our area. We also watched Thor 2, which was a great sequel.


Sooooo… Sunday rolled around. We still assumed the couch potato positions, adding a quick trip to the grocery store for a few things we forgot on Friday night while food shopping. Most of our day was spent playing with Sophia per usual, then Jay cooked his food for the week. Then I FINALLY made the Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto that my sister made on Christmas Day. (We spent the afternoon/dinner time with Jason’s family but got home to still enjoy this and the rest of dinner/Christmas night with my family). I’ve been meaning to make it, but my energy level has been crap. Regardless, it made its way to the table tonight, and it was SO DELICIOUS. Just as I remembered, but maybe a little better, since I slaved away on it myself instead of enjoying it after someone else made it.




Roasted cubed sweet potatoes + brown butter + arborio rice soaking in stock and wine = dinner.


and then we added bacon, per the recipe.


Sophia had 4 pork and ginger meatballs to start off with for dinner, but clearly made room when she saw what I was cooking up 😉

20140209_181435 20140209_181456


And… then that happened. Safe to say she enjoyed it?

But with pictures like the ones above, the next picture is only fitting.


Splish Splash with Soph! I absolutely do that to her hair every time she gets a bath. The older she gets, the taller it gets. #mommywin

So, how was your weekend?