Home Decor: Main Level.

It’s safe to say that when you move from an apartment, to a house, you won’t have enough furniture to fill the new space. Besides realizing that we should’ve bought a king size bed years ago and buying one, and a cube storage for Sophia’s toys, we haven’t bought anything else to fill space. I’m pretty content with how our apartment furniture fills our main level, and the rest of our house, but of course we’ll be doing some updating in the near future.

The furniture that made it to the house is as follows:

Dining Room Table (bar height)


This table has been through the ringer. It’s been to 4 different apartments, and now our new house. It has quite a few miles on it traveling from NJ to MD, and the miles show. It’s gotten some abuse through the moving process – this last move being the most damage yet. Stain-colored markers have helped hide the scratches and dings, but man oh man, this poor table. Most recently, we got some chair cushions to spruce it up, and tie it into the granite counters in the kitchen. Face lift success! It looks more welcoming now for sure. The centerpiece on top of the table needs some updating, but it does its job.



Also, as a side note, most of you know I sold Scentsy products for a little while. I really loved the company, until they put a “quota” on my sales. I had to sell $150 worth of product one month out of 3 consecutive months, to stay active. And to that? I say suck it. That was when I knew Scentsy was going downhill in general as a company. It was no longer something fun I could do as a SAHM, so I ditched Scentsy, sold my starter kit and all of my stock, and now I buy my product from a relative. I’d rather give them the sales than anyone else.


The point of all of that was to show you what that centerpiece is hiding.


That my friends is damage to my dining room table, from a Scentsy warmer. I’m genuinely pissed, as I should be.

BUT ANYWAY – back to my oversized apartment furniture fitting perfectly in our new house.


Sectional Sofa & Ottoman


This was our first big purchase when we moved to Maryland. For the record, everything looks smaller and like “it’ll fit” in the store. I can’t stress this enough – measure, measure, measure before you buy! They delivered this couch, brought it up to our 3rd floor walk up apartment and I couldn’t believe we bought all of this couch. It’s all separate pieces, so you can configure them however you’d like, which was ideal since we had no where to put it. It fits comfortably in the house now, but it (again) has been through so much. If you have a child, get dark color couches or leather that you can wipe clean. I really need to get this couch professionally cleaned.

It’ll be going downstairs in the den area when we get new couches. Along with our next piece of furniture, the TV stand.


TV Stand


*Yes I forgot to take this picture in daylight so it looks awful, and yes, that’s Maya Rudolph and we’re absolutely watching Grown Ups. I love this movie.*

Both the TV and the TV stand will make its way to the den downstairs after we “upgrade” it. We’re still debating about mounting the (new) TV, or just getting a really nice, kid-friendly entertainment center – style stand for it. Oh the things you sacrifice for your baby’s safety 😉

We’ve added the Safety 1st Foam Corner Bumpers to our current TV stand, and removed the pretty hardware for the doors so that Sophia won’t find the need to open the doors and unload everything that we hide in there, like furniture cleaner and the Bridesmaids Blu-Ray.


Bar Stools


Again, another awful lighting picture. I sorry. These are our set of 3 bar stools from JCPenney’s about… three years ago now? We bought them in NJ after we got our first apartment in MD figured out, and saw that it had a breakfast bar. That was probably my favorite apartment we ever lived at. It was BEAUTIFUL. These bar stools complimented it well, and they’ve moved from 3 apartments and now to the house, with just a stain and a few loose screws. I’d say $100 well spent. I’ll make it my mission to re-cover them one day. Just, one day.


Cube Storage


This was purchased not long after we moved in, but we needed a place to store toys that looked clean. Before Christmas and her birthday, only the cube and the mat was there, but we all know how babies get spoiled on their 1st birthday 😉 We plan on getting another one to stack on top for more of a decoration piece, and storage for us, since she’s clearly midget sized and can’t reach, yet. She does love pulling the drawers out and seeing what’s inside, but not as much as pushing that train around!

Anddddd…. that’s it! Or that’s all of the time I had to finish this post, that was suppose to be up yesterday, yeah. Oops. My family came to visit, and I definitely fell asleep on my face Thursday night, even though Sophia let me sleep until 9:30am. STOP. #momexcuses


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