IKEA, Couch Potatoes and Risotto.

Our weekend started on Friday when Grandma and Aunt Ashley came to visit! It was Ashley’s birthday as well so we went out and had lunch and then made a much needed trip to IKEA. I know it’s a hike for my mom where she lives in NJ, but it’s less than twenty minutes from my house, so it’s usually part of her visit when she comes. Of course I don’t mind – I love me some IKEA. Unfortunately I ripped everything open like the 5 year old I truly am, and didn’t take pictures of everything I got. Silly me. I got quite a few things for cheap, so I’ll try to list as many as I can below.

*All pictures are linked to the IKEA website – just click*

PRUTA Food Container, Set of 17 for $4.79


RÖRT Spoons, $1.49 each

ikea2 ikea3

KALAS Plates and Bowls, 6 pack for $1.99

ikea4 ikea5

FNISS Wastepaper Basket in Black, $1.99


TOFTBO Bathmat in Gray, $9.99


SKUBB box, Set of 6 in White, $7.99


TVIS Door Mat, Black, $3.99


So that was everything. I made sure and checked my receipt 🙂 It was a very successful trip and I’m definitely heading back to get another door mat and more of the SKUBB boxes for organizing inside of drawers. I’m in love with them, and if you know me, I’m pretty much an organizing psycho? Seems extreme, but it’s late, so I’m willing to let that go.

This weekend, however, we did nothing. Absolutely, positively, nothing. It was pretty amazing. Sophia is definitely getting cabin fever though, so I’ll probably take her out tomorrow to wander the mall or Storyville, weather contingent. Oh, did I mention it’s snowing in Maryland? Shocker. We usually make dinner together on Saturday nights, have some wine, and watch a movie that has finally hit Blu-Ray. Sophia had a long day, Jay got tied up a work because something always breaks on a Friday (again, shocker) so we didn’t thoroughly think through a meal plan, and that then led to ordering a boat load of sushi from a spot in our area. We also watched Thor 2, which was a great sequel.


Sooooo… Sunday rolled around. We still assumed the couch potato positions, adding a quick trip to the grocery store for a few things we forgot on Friday night while food shopping. Most of our day was spent playing with Sophia per usual, then Jay cooked his food for the week. Then I FINALLY made the Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto that my sister made on Christmas Day. (We spent the afternoon/dinner time with Jason’s family but got home to still enjoy this and the rest of dinner/Christmas night with my family). I’ve been meaning to make it, but my energy level has been crap. Regardless, it made its way to the table tonight, and it was SO DELICIOUS. Just as I remembered, but maybe a little better, since I slaved away on it myself instead of enjoying it after someone else made it.




Roasted cubed sweet potatoes + brown butter + arborio rice soaking in stock and wine = dinner.


and then we added bacon, per the recipe.


Sophia had 4 pork and ginger meatballs to start off with for dinner, but clearly made room when she saw what I was cooking up 😉

20140209_181435 20140209_181456


And… then that happened. Safe to say she enjoyed it?

But with pictures like the ones above, the next picture is only fitting.


Splish Splash with Soph! I absolutely do that to her hair every time she gets a bath. The older she gets, the taller it gets. #mommywin

So, how was your weekend?


One thought on “IKEA, Couch Potatoes and Risotto.

  1. Welp, now I want a bunch of SKUBB boxes. LOOK WHAT YOU DID. Take me to Ikea, I don’t want [and shouldn’t be allowed] to go alone.

    Also, bacon makes that risotto 1000x bettah. And brown buttah, mmm. So many delicious things in that dish.


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