The Community Plate.

I get asked all too frequently how we get Sophia to eat such a variety of food. This girl will pretty much try anything.

Here’s my secret: The Community Plate.

This tactic is exactly how it sounds – whatever is on our plates, we share with Sophia (aside from raw sushi, jalapenos and nuts). If we’re eating omelets, so is she. If we’re eating wedge salads and twice baked potatoes, so is she. This is a great way to see what flavors she likes, dislikes, and what I can make in larger batches and save for leftovers. For the longest time, she would share Jay’s cayenne pepper, hot sauce coated scrambled eggs and oatmeal pancake for breakfast, in addition to her own oatmeal and fruit. This tactic also helps when going out to dinner, or even making dinner at home. We can easily give her leftover chicken enchiladas if we’re having buffalo chicken pasta, which is a bit too spicy for her. I can make sure that whatever I order out, she can have as well.

We never have to make two separate dinners. 

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So far, the one thing we’ve noticed that she doesn’t have the tolerance for, is fried food. We don’t make fried food at home, and rarely order it when we’re out. But the ONE TIME Jay ordered French fries cooked in duck fat, (holy delicious btw!) Sophia gobbled them up and was not happy for the next few days. Same result has happened with fried chicken, fried shrimp, etc. Again, all of these items were tried because we were out to dinner, at a birthday party, etc and it was becoming a consistent pattern that she just couldn’t hang with the fried foods.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that she can’t handle fried foods. French fries for a one year old is not a meal, and never should be considered one, IMO. I’d also like to spare myself the Chick Fil A experience. She just enjoys healthy foods. Grilled chicken, vegetables, fruits, grains etc. I really couldn’t be happier.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this face enjoying healthy foods every day?



What does your baby/toddler eat? Are they picky? Do they eat everything?


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