It’s Been a Long Week.

First off, let me address that Sophia has been in bed for an hour, and Little Einsteins is still on TV. #momproblems

This week (unfortunately) has not been the best. Surprisingly my birthday was on Wednesday, oh hey, and it still sucked. I’ve just been a grumpy pants all week and I literally cannot WAIT until we leave for our little night away downtown this weekend.  We’re heading to enjoy Baltimore’s Restaurant Week and I couldn’t be more excited. On the flip side, I’ve never left Sophia overnight, ever. Like, never ever. I really don’t know how everyone else does that on the regular. It just breaks my heart. I just love being there for her every second of every day. It makes me nervous and I know I’ll probably cry.

I’m slowly accepting that.

Last Wednesday it snowed about 15 inches here in Maryland. What?! That was no fun. Neither was shoveling, or seeing it for a week afterwards. But there’s always a little bright side to the snow. Jay got snowed in and got to spend the day with Sophia and I. She loved it.



Friday was Valentine’s Day and of course, Jay went all out and got Sophia and I the prettiest roses. Best part? He didn’t buy them from 1-800-Flowers on Valentine’s Day. If you didn’t read that article, you can read it here. I died laughing. Broken vases, wrong bouquets, and angry husbands who ordered flowers ON VALENTINE’S DAY that weren’t delivered until Monday. Serves you right, asshole. My husband bought them on Wednesday BEFORE THE SNOW STORM. He wins. The end.



How cool is that?!

He also got me my favorite Italian Ice. No but really, I ate a box every two days when I was pregnant. Good thing I craved it mostly in the summer, because now? It’s easily $4/box at some stores. Just the best. I love the other flavors too, but the mango is so good, I just can’t stray from my addiction.

Then YAY! It was my birthday on Wednesday! I turned the big 2-4. To be honest? I kept forgetting it was my birthday until I’d get a birthday card in the mail. I had a really crappy day, but Jay is the best and knows that ice cream cake is a sure fire way to make me happy, and it did. Oh, and an additional box of Italian Ice. Weeeeeeee!


This was the first birthday in a LONG time that I didn’t get ready or go anywhere. Except to drop Jay’s car off to get an oil change, at the ass crack of dawn. But I digress.

Today was a cleaning day! It’s always a cleaning day on Tuesday and Thursday. Lysoling toys, cleaning toilets, vacuuming. It’s a luxurious life I lead, wouldn’t you say? No but seriously, I sleep SO MUCH BETTER when the house is clean. I love it. I don’t know how people live with crap everywhere. Can’t. Handle. On another note, I’m going to really try and be nothing but happy in the coming weeks, no matter what is thrown my way. I need some happiness.


We had a little trip to Ikea to pick up my family store card from the kiosk. The day started like this:



and then it went to this:


She was NOT happy that I had to go to the restroom.  She’s terrified of the loud flushing toilets, so to be strapped in a seat with the toilet in sight? No bueno. Abort, abort!!

(She was doused in hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes after this picture, btw. Insert germaphobe mom here)



Sophia was being super cute this morning with her… little duck face? Blowing raspberries? Who knows, but that girl had fun at breakfast.



What does your toddler eat for breakfast? I feel like I’m running out of ideas. Help.


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