No Excuse.

(If you don’t like rants, just skip this post) This post was sparked from what I saw at a local Target store this week. I suppose it’ll be more of a rant, but in all honesty, I’m curious. Do you clean/clean out your car? I don’t mean spit shine the outside, and shampoo the carpets. … Continue reading No Excuse.

Deviled Eggs

  Yesterday was the first day of Spring! Besides having free Rita’s, I would’ve never known. This weather needs to get warm, and fast. I’m so over my winter recipes, and I want to make crisp fresh foods and shop at the farmer’s market! So I’m going to start putting Spring/Summer recipes out because at … Continue reading Deviled Eggs

Three Day Weekend.

This weekend became an impromptu three day weekend from our Monday ‘snow day’ last week. Both appointments Jason and Sophia had were cancelled and rescheduled. Three day weekends are so few and far between, and usually non-existent, so it was definitely a nice change of pace. Every Friday night we go food shopping. As long … Continue reading Three Day Weekend.

Baby Gates 101

We were thrown into the world of baby gates when we moved from our two bedroom, one floor apartment, into a 3 level house. I had pretty much demanded that once all boxes had been put on each level accordingly, that the gates be installed. Sophia had never had the option to be around stairs, … Continue reading Baby Gates 101