I’m a Horrible Eater.

It’s a fact. But let me clarify – I’m horrible at eating, as in eating three real meals a day. I usually eat one real meal during the day, and then snack the rest of the day. I know it’s bad. For example, we were in Stroudsburg for a baptism on Sunday. I had a glass of cranberry juice for breakfast, some food at the baptism luncheon, Dunkin Donuts coffee + Cheddar Fries on the way home from PA, and some SleepyTime Vanilla tea before bed.

And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t call the food at the luncheon a real meal, since I only had one plate, and I didn’t grab any food with meat in it. I love carbs.

So far today? I had coffee for breakfast, and avocado + sriracha on whole wheat toast for an early lunch. I suck at this.


I do prefer to eat healthy foods, as a side note.

I also despise protein shakes.


How do you make sure you eat three solid meals a day if you aren’t hungry for them, or have the time?


(And, I’m not making meals to eat for the week on Sunday either. 1) There isn’t enough fridge space with Jay’s meal containers, and 2) I hate leftovers.)



One thought on “I’m a Horrible Eater.

  1. Find recipes in advance and plan to cook on certain days, like Mon-Wed or Tues-Thurs. Make it something you look forward to, not dread doing. Unless you hate cooking, then I should just stop typing now … Divide the recipe by the number of servings, so it’s only for one (or two) and you don’t have to worry about the leftovers. For breakfast (or even brunch, if you don’t get hungry until later on in the morning) have eggs for protein with your avocado and add an english muffin for carbs. Bam, done! Then you can whip up your recipe mid to late afternoon for dinner, or later on – depending on when you get hungry.


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