No Excuse.

(If you don’t like rants, just skip this post)

This post was sparked from what I saw at a local Target store this week. I suppose it’ll be more of a rant, but in all honesty, I’m curious.

Do you clean/clean out your car?

I don’t mean spit shine the outside, and shampoo the carpets. I mean, do you clean up after yourself? Your kids? Are there McDonald’s bags filled with garbage in your back seat? Dirty diapers tied up in bags? Stray goldfish, bread, cookies? This is what I saw at Target. Trash literally fell out of the car when the mom opened the sliding door of her minivan and instead of throwing it away, she stuffed it under the seat. Um, are you kidding?

What example are you setting for your kids?

I understand cleaning out your car and picking up after yourself might come second to being a parent, shopping for Coach sneakers and getting a case for your new iPad. I’m not saying to clear out your whole day to vacuum out your car and throw trash away, but it really isn’t that hard, is it? It kind of reminds me of the age-old argument of why people make excuses of not being able to work out. There are even car wash places that will literally clean out and vacuum your car for you, and wash the outside, AND dry it for what, $13?

Closing statement: If you can find money to pay for an expensive gym membership, Coach brand everything, and put your child in a Montessori school, I fully believe that there is no excuse for your car to look like that.

Judge away. My car is spotless.


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