“Just in Case”

When you have a newborn, and as a first time mom, you tend to pack everything and the kitchen sink in your diaper bag. But as they get older, usually around their first birthday, you tend to realize you don’t really need to carry all of that around. I did a diaper bag clean out, and removed everything I hadn’t used since the last time I loaded up the bag. Then I thought to myself – I could cut down carrying around even more stuff if I made a “just in case” bag, and kept it in the car. Bingo!

So I grabbed my Thirty One Zipper Pouch (mine is in the Lotsa Dots print) and started thinking of what I could put in there that would save me space in the diaper bag.

jic3 jic2 



The contents of this bag are:

  • 3 diapers
  • Wipes
  • A full outfit + socks
  • Aquaphor + Dr Smith’s sample size diaper cream
  • Dirty diaper disposable sack
  • Storage-size Ziploc bag for dirty clothes


The main thing that cleared a ton of space from the diaper bag was the clothes. Now I don’t have a 2 onesies, pants and socks taking up space. This works great for us because if there is anything that explosive that needs a new change of outfit, I wouldn’t be doing it in a JCPenney’s bathroom, we’d go back to the car. Also, since I don’t drive stick-shift, I’ll always have our truck, so not having the ‘just in case’ bag isn’t an issue. When my family was in town, I’d just move it to their car, along with her car seat (obviously) so they had it ‘just in case’.

**Along with this bag, I always keep two full size black towels and a hand towel (black to match the car interior) for help as well.**

Having this ‘just in case’ bag also let me switch to a smaller diaper bag. Right now we’re using a Coach messenger bag, previously I’ve used a Vera Bradley microfiber black diaper bag, and the Skip Hop Grand Central. Both of those now have more space than we need, so I went back to the Coach bag. Jason definitely prefers this diaper bag out of all of the ones we have, probably because it’s more manly, but it can also be worn cross body so you’re hands-free.


And it helps that it’s red and black, his two favorite colors 🙂 So that my friends is the ‘just in case’ bag, and a little on our diaper bag history.


What diaper bag do you carry? Is it too big/small? Perfect? Let me know!


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