Playtex Straw Sippy Cup – Old vs. New

Sophia learned how to use a straw from a young age. She started with the normal spout sippy cups, but was more interested in using a straw. So, I got a couple straw cups, and the rest is history.


(There are 4-5 more of these in the dishwasher)

Until they updated one of her favorites.


Now I needed to give these a whirl, obviously, given my baby gear/item obsession. The two-pack I bought were on sale for $7, which is reasonable. When the cups are $9+ that’s when I look elsewhere, like Amazon or Marshalls. When I got them home, I realized we have one of the cups already, but in the older version. Same pattern, colors, everything. Just, newer.


(Old – left / new – right)

A few immediate differences in the cup come from what you see before you even buy them in the store. It’s about the same height as the old cup, but skinnier. It’s also lighter, but almost looks more cheaply made? I guess we’ll see over time. The straw is longer, which is ideal since Sophia can never efficiently get every bit of water out of her cups. The sliding mechanism to close the straw is a bit different. Also, the straws are slightly different, as are how they connect inside the lids, shown below.

cup2 cup3

(new straw – left / old straw – right)

So far, one main con I can see is how lightweight the cups are. Yes, it’s ideal, but not for a toddler. If you have a toddler, you know that they knock over everything. Most of her sippy cups get knocked over during meal time, but she barely tapped this one and it flew off her tray. Luckily, these cups are leak-proof (so far) and haven’t spilled a drop.

cup6 cup7

(Old – left / new – right)

A major pro for me is the way the cup locks. HALLELUJAH THEY GOT THIS RIGHT. It (finally) doesn’t take excessive force and water exploding out of the straw to screw closed the lid. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me. So, in rebuttal to the old cup having a “leak proof” claim, it doesn’t leak when used, but totally leaks when you’re putting it together.

It’s still early in the testing process for us. I’ve hand washed them and they’ve washed well, but let’s be honest, these cups go right in the dishwasher. We use a little cage that came with our dishwasher for the straw parts, and we always use the sanitize setting on our dishwasher.

What’s your child’s favorite sippy cup? I’d love to go get 12 more to try 😉

3 thoughts on “Playtex Straw Sippy Cup – Old vs. New

  1. Yours was the first site where I “saw”
    The old version sippy cups! I am a
    Grandmother and have bought the old
    version for the 3 yr. old, but have
    frantically searched for one or more
    for our youngest, she just turned 2.
    Unable to find anywhere! Any suggestions
    about a store that may still carry them?

    Whenever I find something I like they go
    and change it! I have looked in much of
    Memphis, TN and the mid south, no luck. 😓
    I even looked on ebay!

    I think your article was very informative
    for many Moms and Grandmothers.

    Thanks for listening. I had searched for
    months and until your article it’s like those
    Cups fell off the face of the earth!
    Today I found replacement valves and
    Straws online for the old cup, but…..
    I have no cups!


    • I haven’t been able to find them either! I’m on the other end of the spectrum – I have the cups and no straws! So I’ve just resorted to getting the new cups and now the older ones just sit in my cabinet. Maybe I should mail you my cups 🙂



    This site is where I found
    straws and valves, but
    will cost $18.88 plus
    shipping! For 6 of each.
    If you decide not to buy,
    let me know. I will buy
    your old Insulator cups!😊
    Just email me with price
    and what you have.
    My Grandaughter is
    “Sophie” turned 2 this
    month 😀and I promised
    Her a cup!


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