City Mini GT *Review

I’ve wanted this stroller since I started my baby registry in 2012 during my pregnancy with Sophia. I was a new mom and since it’s expensive, and I hadn’t really researched it a ton, I went with the Graco Trekko 3-Wheel Travel System. Wrong choice. It was huge, incredibly bulky and while it pushed like a dream, I could barely get it in and out of the car by myself. Then, it broke. Graco refunded my money, and I bought the same system again, in black this time. Then, it broke. Another refund, another purchase of yet again, a Graco stroller. I loved this stroller, and thought this was my end-all search. Wrong again. My love equaled Sophia’s hatred. I sold it recently, and we finally went ahead and purchased the Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller in Black/Black.


It’s beautiful. It’s compact.

The entire stroller liner and canopy can be removed and washed in the washing machine(?!). The handle bar is height-adjustable (GT version only) so it’s comfortable for both my husband and I to push. The harness is simple. It reclines nearly flat so napping is always an option. Mesh allows the breeze, but comes with a built-in weather cover in case it rains. The canopy is amazing – no other word can describe it, along with its two peek-a-boo windows. Your pedicure will never be ruined because the (GT version) comes equipped with a hand brake. Best part, it collapses in one motion. You pull a single handle and it folds/locks in seconds.

They’ve really thought of everything.





The best part is that Sophia loves this stroller. It’s been a fight to get her into the lower-end jogger we have for walks, and it’s not pretty. This stroller gives us the ability to get outdoors + have fun doing it.  It’s also a dream to push. It has forever-air tires and won’t ever get a flat. They’re also quick-release, which allows you to make the stroller lighter or more compact if need be.



I’d say the only con about the stroller would be the weight, but the GT tires are completely worth it. If someone stole it, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another one immediately.


The price may set many people off. I completely understand, as I didn’t purchase it for two years. However, Baby Jogger just did a logo change and slashed the prices on all 2013 models! I got this stroller for a steal, even cheaper than the original City Mini!

I haven’t purchased any Baby Jogger accessories for it yet. I only have the Choopie City Grips which are a MUST on every stroller I own now, and the Diono stroller console which I’ve had for over a year now. Both so affordable and something I use every day. I also had a pair of stroller hooks that I attached on the stroller mid-frame to hang the diaper bag so that it resolved the “tipping” issue that is heard of with the GT version.







Do you have this stroller or a similar one? Do you love it?


Toddler Tantrums + Recipes

Oh toddlers. They’re funny little humans. Well, at least they think they’re funny.


I mean, look at that face. There is no possible way that this cute little girl could throw a tantrum.


I’m going to preface this by saying that Sophia’s tantrum spurts started almost overnight. I think that’s why the first tantrum came as such a shock to us. There are a lot of things that Sophia finds completely normal some days, such as drinking coffee creamer, standing on the dining room table, and painting the floor with the remnants of her morning milk cup. I can (sometimes) prevent a meltdown but other times, they’re inevitable.

One thing we’ve learned with Sophia is to not intervene if she gets upset, more specifically at night when she’s already in bed. It could be a bad dream, a thunderstorm, a lost-for-a-second bunny, teething pain, or gas. Unless she’s crying for a solid 3+ minutes, we physically cannot go in her room. She gets so much more upset if we go into her room and try to calm her down. It’s extremely frustrating at times, but it’s what works for her, so we make it work for us.

I’ve found that the redirect + ignore technique works for us at the moment. No, I don’t mean put her in the basement to cry it out. So during the day, I try to redirect as much as possible. Where is your bunny? Would you like a snack? Where’s your balloon? Do you want to color? Are you thirsty? One of these questions will usually follow up with a small “yes” and all is right with the world. When that doesn’t happen, I turn the shoulder. She realizes that I’m not bringing attention to her tantrum, and that when she shows me what she wants, or would like to do something, she can do it without a tantrum. It may not be the technique that works for every parent or child, but it works for us. Believe me – once you’re a parent and you find something that works, you stick with it. Don’t stray. It could cost you your sanity.


So that’s where we are on tantrums. Fun stuff. Not.

On the recipe end, I did find this delicious recipe on Pinterest for Chicken Lozone. It’s delicious and it’s even better the next day.


It’s so beautifully delicious. Incredibly fattening, but that’s okay. Because I said so.

On another incredibly random note, we got a new stroller! Yes, it’s like my 7th stroller. Judge away, I only own two now 😀

Anyway, it’s beautiful, and Sophia finally doesn’t scream bloody murder when I throw the idea of going for a walk in her stroller around the neighborhood. She actually gets super excited, climbs into it herself(?!) and asks for an apple slice. Every. Single. Time.

It’s awesome, and well worth the money.

Annnndddd, I’m not going to tell you what it is because that would spoil my review on it for Monday’s blog post 😉

Sorry for the abrupt stopping of the blog posts, life happened. See you Monday – until then, we’ll be enjoying our smoothies.