Buying from BJ’s – Part 1

I’m all for finding deals, especially when you can find store-brand items that are of a lower price and the same quality as name-brand items. The problem with that is, unless you know someone that’s recommended that specific store-brand product to you, it’s a crap shoot of whether it even works well, tastes good, etc. We like to try different brands, so here I bring to you, the trials and tribulations of buying BJ’s products instead of from a local grocery store name-brand products. I think I’m going to do these once or twice a month, depending on how many different things we try, and the outcome.

So here we go!

Trash Bags

We typically buy Hefty brand 13 gallon white kitchen trash bags. A 90-count box from Walmart retails for $13.57

BJ’s offers their Berkeley + Jensen 13 gallon white kitchen trash bags, 175-count box, for $14.99


BJ’s brand! The only thing you lose is the option to have the scented bags if you buy Hefty brand. Our garbage has a lid, and I haven’t noticed a difference either way. The BJ’s brand ones also seem to be a tad thicker and of better quality than Walmart brand bags, which I had to throw several away straight out of the box because they had holes in the sides.



I grew up eating tortellini from the deli section of most grocery stores. Essentially, it’s fresh, never frozen. But, for the size of the container that you get and the price that you pay? My husband could eat a container to himself. 

So we’d typically buy the Buitoni Tortellini, which is around $4.99/lb.

BJ’s offers a different brand of tortellini, in the frozen section, in a 4 lb bag, for $7.99. What?!


Stick with the Buitoni. I’ve made BJ’s tortellini twice and tried boiling it for longer times and shorter times, cooking less at a time. Nothing works. It’s still way too al dente to enjoy, for me personally. I can’t stand when pasta gets stuck in my teeth because it’s not cooked thoroughly. So the one from BJ’s got tossed, and I wouldn’t recommend it.


I’m also going to include some staples for the month that we always pick up to have on hand at all times.

BJ’s brand flavored sparkling water

Earth’s Pride Organics brand, Organic Lemonade

6-7lbs of chicken breasts

3-dozen eggs

2-3 containers of Lactaid 2% Milk for Sophia

Vanilla Almond Milk


Gas! It’s always cheapest at BJs so we make it a point to fill up every week when we go.


That’s it so far! I’m sure there were more things that my brain at 10pm can’t think of, so I’ll update on that next time.


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