Friday Things

I never realize how much I totally slack on blogging until I go to post, and see the date on my last post.

Ooops. Here’s a picture of cuteness to apologize.



I feel like I have twelve billion different topics and questions that I could write about, but I think that whatever explodes from my head will take the cake. Ready, go!


  • I can’t believe how cold it is already. Not a single one of my jackets I own have a hood. It was freezing rain last night, and it’s November. Just, no.
  • I have an *almost* two year old. When did that happen?
  • I’ve never experienced such dry skin before in my life. It’s gotten to the point of me scratching any trace of makeup off of my face like an animal. Any suggestions on hydrating face/hand creams? My hands have taken a beating too. My face almost hates the feeling of coconut oil. No, I’m not kidding.
  • Why do I never remember to pick up nail polish remover at Target?
  • I’m thinking of returning to work soon. I’ve already started the job hunt. But I’m curious, what was the first job you landed after you were a stay at home mom for 2 years? I feel like I qualify to work at Wendy’s.
  • I currently have an obsession with the newly released Skinny Taste cookbook. Its the bomb.
  • Sophia is in a phase of repeating things, but her favorite words also sound like swear words. Perfect.
  • I’m half-excited and half-dreading decorating for Christmas.
  • Sophia is obsessed with those $0.97 stick balloons from Walmart. I’ve created a monster. She seems the blue sign and immediately screams, “BALLOON!!!”
  • I’m currently loving the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover. It takes my “nap time mani” posts on Instagram to a whole other level.
  • Nothing beats the moment when you tell your toddler we’re going to go out, and they put on their own shoes, on the right feet, strapped correctly. Boom.


I hope this was wildly exciting to read, and if you have any suggestions to questions I’ve asked, PLEASE let me know!


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