Blogging from the couch

How else do you blog with two kids? Having two kids instead of one is a bigger change than you can ever imagine. Also, the second child is usually 17x worse than the first. So, there’s that. I definitely won’t sugar coat it. It’s rough. My two kids are almost three years apart, and as independent as my oldest is, she sure knows how to need something at the exact moment I sit down to nurse her brother. She isn’t spiteful, she doesn’t act out in public, but she’s definitely more mischievous now because she knows my attention is divided. She doesn’t nap anymore, and in all honesty, neither does her baby brother.

So to keep my “stay at home mom, full-time wife” self sane, I started this blog back up in August. After a rough pregnancy and a colicky baby to ring in the new year, I was spent. But things are starting to brighten up and I’m hoping to post more. It’s definitely therapeutic for me. Blogging gives me a sense of purpose. I mean, motherhood does too, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I’d like to do something that doesn’t involve children touching me, but involves wine instead.

So here’s to blogging more to keep myself from overnighting my children via FedEx to grandma’s house 😉