Easter Weekend

The original plan was to have my family come down to see us for the weekend, but it ended up being another road trip for us to NJ-NY. I wasn’t complaining, I don’t travel up there enough so it’s nice to be on my old turf more than normal. I feel like we didn’t stop and rest the entire weekend, but it was so nice to see everyone when we otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to.


We typically do half of our food shopping on Friday nights because that is the quietest time to get everything we need from BJs without being trampled, or waiting in a 17 person line to check out. We also fill up the truck as well since it’s the cheapest gas in our area, especially for premium. Saturday was an early start, LJ decided 6am was a great time to start off the weekend. S woke up around 7:30, and LJ was back down for a nap at 8:30. Husband left for the gym, so after I got everyone situated and took two cold sips of my once hot cup of coffee, I finally got a shower for myself. We did the rest of our food shopping a few hours later, and came home so my husband could cook his meals for the week before we left. Our goal was to leave by 2pm, and by 2:34, we were on the road. By 2:38, we were in traffic. After a long trip up, we arrived at my parent’s house in NJ just before  5pm.

We had planned on having steaks, twice baked potatoes and salad for dinner, but the kids had other plans. S didn’t want to go to bed (weird) and we finally got everyone settled around 7:45. By the time we’d cook dinner, we would be eating around 9pm. So naturally we opted for Chinese food instead. We enjoyed a quick dinner and then I went to bed. Finally laying down at 10:02, LJ woke up at 10:05. This continued the entire night with me adjusting his position, replacing a pacifier, every 45 minutes or so. It was a long night. He was up for the day at 6:15am and S was right behind him, early risers for Easter Sunday. I had a horrible headache and it didn’t go away until Monday afternoon.


It was a long morning since we started so early, but we finally packed up the truck and made our way to Brooklyn to see my husband’s family for an early Easter dinner. We got there around 12:30. It was so nice to see everyone. Unfortunately, the four hours we spent there was slight torture for me from hearing the constant whine and cry from Logan who just wouldn’t settle down or go to anyone. I finally went to the car and got our Ergo carrier and was able to eat half of a plate of food. I’m so thankful at how independent S has become. She was amazing and had a blast. By 3:30pm, I couldn’t take it anymore. We were planning to make our exit at 4pm since we were driving straight back home from Brooklyn. At almost 4:30, we got to the car and made our way home. We hit some traffic, but nothing too crazy. Both kids fell asleep, thank goodness. Finally pulled into the garage at 7:45, and I couldn’t believe we had made it home before 8pm.


It was definitely the busiest 48 hours we’ve had in awhile but the point is, we handled it. I’m always so cautious about putting the kids through long car rides back-to-back. Who wants to do that willingly? I’m extremely grateful that our kids are great travelers. I’m not ready to do any crazy drives over four hours, but it was a good start. Having two kids gives you a different perspective on how to handle situations. It’s certainly eye-opening, but so far, not mind-numbing.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do a cute little family vacation in the future with the four of us, and not want to strangle each other 😉



We. Are. Healthy + Weekend Recap 

Insert alllll the praise hands here 🙌 

I was so worried that our sickness was going to ruin my long weekend trip to NJ to see my sister. She was up on the East Coast to run the NYC Half Marathon which she completed like a boss.

All of us have been so sick, and once the first round of antibiotics were taken and S was still crying in the morning about her sore throat, I knew it wasn’t gone. We headed back to the pediatrician’s office and sure enough, both kids were still testing positive for strep. We discussed a few options with our doctor, and sent over a new prescription of meds for both of them that would hopefully kick the strep completely. I also swung over to Patient First and was in and out in a half hour (what?!) and got the same antibiotics to start as well. 

Unfortunately one of the main side effects of the medicine is diarrhea for the kids 👎 So, that was fun. S also didn’t like the taste either,   so getting her to take it was quite a joke, but it helped tremendously and now we’re healthy.

My husband couldn’t take any days off of work so I took both kids and we made the drive up to NJ on Thursday afternoon to meet up with my family. LJ has been my tough one in terms of sleep, but he’s been making a lot of progress since finishing the medicine. He was a joy to share a room with!

We had a jam packed weekend of things to do, and there wasn’t a minute to spare. My sister is a lover of spreadsheets so all of our plans were mapped out in advance, including meals. It really makes for less stress all around, and early meals at restaurants close by ensured I could keep both kids on schedule and in bed between 7-7:30pm. It’s refreshing to know that my family understands my need to keep the kids on a schedule and works around our naps/bedtime. It’s so important to me, especially since both kids thrive on routine. Even though this means 5pm dinner reservations, no one complains and I’m thankful for that.

I even got some sister time after the kids went to bed, score! It was quite a hilarious trip, probably one for the books. Those #threenager tantrums come out of nowhere some days and you just have to go with it. I have no words for some of the moments on this trip, and it should probably stay that way.

How’d the kids do on the 2.5 hour drive each way? Angels. LJ slept the entire time, S spent her time sightseeing but actually fell asleep both ways which hasn’t happened in over a year. It was amazing. Those single parent drives with two sleeping kids really are magical! I’m patiently waiting for LJ to be more confident in sitting up so I can use our convertible car seat instead of the infant seat. The max weight and height are 35lbs/32 inches for his seat, but poor guy looks so squished already. For reference, we use this car seat. It’s great, but our big guy is hitting record weight already 😳

I’ll probably do an update on LJ in the coming weeks. Possibly his six month? It’s just crazy. He’s been here almost half of a year already! We’ll be seeing family for Easter too, so I’ll blog about that too.


Causes of my Depression 

1) Winter

2) Pregnancy/Breastfeeding 

3) Sickness

4) Running out of Coffeemate 

5) Not finishing any tasks I begin, ever

You guys. It’s driving me insane. I’d say the winter and sickness part goes hand in hand and it plays a huge part in my depression. What fun is snowy winters with kids if they’re sick all the time? Zero. Absolutely no fun. Since January, we’ve battled bronchitis, RSV, ear infections and strep throat with the lovely accompaniment of Scarlet Fever rash. It’s one of those, youhavegottobefuckingkiddingme moments as a parent. Excuse my french. But seriously, it’s killing me. 

Not only are the kids getting sick, but I’m catching every single thing they get. I’ve never been this consistently sick since I threw up my entire pregnancy last year. Preschool is a big factor this year, but this weather. Oh this weather. It has no idea what it wants to do, so when it’s warm in December and kids play outside and alllll of the germs come back with them, it’s rough. In the last seven weeks, we’ve all been sick three separate times, besides my husband. Somehow, some way, he’s been spared. For that? I’m so thankful. I don’t know what I’d do if all four of us were down for the count. 

The sickness played a huge factor in my demise of breastfeeding exclusively. You have no idea how much I had my heart set on this. It got to the point of me drinking 70+ ounces of water per day, pumping after every feeding, taking 21 pills worth of herbal supplements and making batches and batches of lactation cookies to try and boost my supply. Nothing worked. So now we’re supplementing and I’m sure we’ll wean completely soon too. So much sadness in those words. It definitely stings to not be able to provide enough for your baby. 

On top of that, being sick means accomplishing nothing. I’ve been trying to clean our house for weeks. The floors taunt me. It’s awful, but it is what it is. Anyone want to buy me a cleaning lady? 

Last but not least, if I run out of Coffeemate one more time, I might buy three every time we go grocery shopping. 

Now I must go tend to the sick baby who can’t sleep because he’s incredibly congested 😕 I’ve been in his room seven times in two hours. But really, who’s counting? #endrant 


A Day in the Life #1

I figure, why not play show and tell of how our days typically go? This is from Tuesday, March 1st. It was a pretty busy day. Plus, it will show me that I actually accomplish things during the week. 

3:15am – LJ wakes up. He keeps getting stuck in the corner of his crib and gets incredibly pissed about this. Nurse him, back to bed for both of us.  

7:03am – LJ and I are up for the day. Nurse him and get some coffee going, because #kids. 


7:43am – S is awake for the day. Grab clothes for both kids, bring her downstairs and get her some milk while she watches a show. 

8:15am – Sneak upstairs and get myself dressed while the kids are entertaining themselves. 

8:22am – Get both kids dressed, put together some breakfast for S and toss LJ in the jumperoo because he pretty much begs to go into it daily. 

8:58am – Gather everything needed for preschool, put some makeup on and curl my hair since both kids are cooperating. Pack up the truck so we can just hop in and go when everyone is ready. 

9:17am – Everyone is in the car and we head to preschool to drop off S. Unfortunately it’s not the ‘drop off’ type of school, we all need to get out of the car for drop off and pick up. 

9:39am – Drop off successful. 

9:53am – Take the truck to the car wash. I couldn’t take the salt, snow and slush all over it anymore. Plus, a clean truck literally makes my whole day. I get so happy. 

10:15am – Head back to the house. LJ slept through the car wash so I came home, cleaned out the truck, went inside and broke down the 17 Amazon boxes piled in front of our door. Amazon will absolutely be the reason we can’t pay the mortgage. Oops. Cleaned up the living room, turned on the dishwasher, and headed back out. 

10:34am – Arrive at the post office to drop off a couple packages that need to be returned. 

10:47am – Arrive at the UPS Store to drop off another package that needed to be returned. I swear these errands go light years quicker without a three year old to unload/load back in the car each time.

10:50am – Sit on Instagram in parking lot. Post a picture. Post link to new blog post about PPD on Facebook.

10:53am – Hop on the freeway and head back to preschool to pick up S. If LJ sleeps the whole time, I head to preschool early to nurse him in the parking lot. Keeps everyone full and happy. *I also grabbed snacks at the house for the park after preschool, S had no idea we were going*

11:35am – Grab S and head to the park to meet friends! This was my first time wearing LJ in the Ergo and he loved every second of it, and so did I! We’ve been trying for so long to make him love it but his legs were so short and he was uncomfortable.

12-2pm – Played at the playground, fed LJ and had some mommy time. It’s so nice to talk to someone over 3ft tall for once 😉 

2pm – Headed back home from the park. Nice, quiet drive home too. It was such a beautiful day and both kids were so behaved.

2:20pm – Got home, unloaded the kids and truck and then just hung out. We had been on the go since 9:15 so a break to just relax at home was needed. 

2:30pm – Grabbed ingredients and made some macaroni and cheese for us to eat, and grabbed LJ a bottle to have while i ate. 

*This three hour gap is a complete blur. I can tell you that the house was a wreck and LJ didn’t nap at all so I had my hands full until…

5:30pm – Daddy is home! S can’t even control herself when he gets home. She runs and attacks him at the door and then gets a shot of adrenaline until bed time. 

6:10pm – We had a pretty late lunch so all S wanted for dinner was toast. When she was finished, it was bath time.

6:45pm – Pj’s for everyone! Bed time at our house is strict, and for good reason. Did you see anywhere above that I listed that either child napped? (Besides LJ napping during errands in the early morning) Exactly. So early bed times for everyone. I don’t mess around. 

7:10pm – Both kids are upstairs asleep. Hallelujah 🙌 Both my husband and I (though it’s sometimes just my husband) clean up the whirlwind of toys and baby things covering our main level. 

7:30pm – Turn on reruns of Last Man Standing and eat Trader Joe’s Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter with a spoon. Thank goodness for burning calories while nursing! 

9pm – Go upstairs and pump so I can sleep comfortably and freeze the milk. We’re currently going through some trial runs of supplementing and seeing if LJ can continue tolerating my milk, or if I need to wean completely. I’ll go into that in another blog post. 

9:30pm – Bed time! It’s hard to believe that at 26 years old, I go to bed this early. But with LJ’s horrible sleeping schedule, I can’t chance staying up later or I don’t get any sleep at night.  

And that was our day! 

It’s usually not very busy, but days that S goes to preschool are the days that I jam pack my errands into the morning because it’s way easier to accomplish things with only one child. Are these posts fun to read? Should I do them more? Let me know!


Quick Weeknight Dinner Ideas


In all honesty, I rarely remember to pull meat out of the freezer, prep veggies for the crock pot, or do anything that would avoid a night of Kraft Macaroni n’cheese shaped like Sponge Bob. However, I keep a few {fall back} recipes saved in Chrome to have when I’ve failed as a mom in the dinner department. They’re actually really good, and don’t involve too much effort, but taste delicious. Another plus? My toddler eats all of them. Win.

Jessica over at HowSweetEats nailed these chicken tacos and they’re so easy to make. Chicken thighs browned and in the oven, seasoned and shredded. Throw in tortillas, cheese, tomatoes, avocados, and chipotle lime crema sauce. Boom, dinner. I do, however, alter the crema recipe since it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I used chiles in adobo sauce, sour cream, half/half, smoked paprika, chili powder, some salt and pepper. So good.

My husband found this recipe for sausage, peppers and onions and for someone who doesn’t ever eat that, it’s amazing. Ask my mom, #pickyeateraward. Throw them on some rolls with some of Trader Joe’s Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce and it is HEAVENLY. Also, I may have used a whole jar of that sauce eating two separate batches of the sp+o. Oops.

[Photocredit: Husband]

Martha Stewart had this recipe for Pork Bolognese and again, for someone who hates meat sauce, it’s delicious. My toddler shovels bowls of this down for dinner. I did tweak the recipe because I’m related to my sister and that’s literally all she does. I skipped the celery, thyme, and added more bacon. It’s so good and it’s that perfect comfort food you need during the winter months.

Pork Bolognese

Last but not least, the recipe that people ask me for constantly. Like, all the time. Besides my risotto. This Chicken Lazone recipe is not for the diet followers. Butter, cream, chicken and spices make up this yummy dinner. I double the sauce so there’s plenty to drown your chicken in, and I’ve made it over garlic mashed potatoes, brown rice, and pasta. All winning options. It’s so quick and easy, you’d be surprised how flavorful it is with how few ingredients you use.

That’s it! Those are my quick favorite dinners (or late lunch) recipes that I love to throw together that everyone will like. Also, I did this entire post while my baby napped for 17 minutes and my daughter ate a popsicle. Just so you can tell, my mom game is strong.

What’s your favorite weeknight recipe for when you forget you have to feed other humans? Ideas  are appreciated, as are bottles of wine on my doorstep in exchange for risotto.