When will the screaming end?

LJ is just a little over a week shy of seven months old. He still cannot be calmed. He wakes up at any and all hours of the night screaming his heart out. Mind you, this is after he screams all day long. The sad part? I’m almost completely numb to it. How does that even happen? How does listening to your own child scream not phase you? 

We’ve changed everything. Pajamas, sheets, blankets, installed a fan, given Tylenol, more to eat, less to eat, taken away solids completely, using a sleepsack, not using a sleepsack, inclined his crib, dropped down the crib. Nothing works. Nothing makes LJ sleep. So not only is he not sleeping, my husband and I aren’t sleeping, and my poor toddler who has to share a wall with his screaming is crabby and awful all day because she hears it, but tries to tune it out. 

Sleep deprivation is a key player in my postpartum depression. I am, in all honesty, the worst mom when I don’t get sleep. Hell, I’m writing this post from my iPhone at 2:29am. We just don’t sleep anymore. I have no patience left. Zero shits to give. I’ve done everything I possibly can to get him to sleep. I just question why we tempted fate at this point. Why did we have a second child? I tell everyone not to have babies in general. I recommend children to no one. How awful is that?

So before I list him on Craigslist Baltimore for the 18th time since his birth, anyone have any suggestions? #teamnosleep