I want to blame my sister, Melissa for getting me into this frenzy, but she was not the only accomplice. So many bloggers I follow on Instagram had been raving about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and for good reason. I never saw myself shopping at Nordstrom because even the name sounds fancy. I walk through the store and cower at the thought of how much the clothes must cost. I could never afford to shop there.

Except. Except this one time a year, they have an amazing sale where items are discounted for a steal. Could I really afford these clothes? Could I stray from Target and Old Navy and #adult for a hot second? I thought I could do it, and I did. Pray for me – this is a dark rabbit hole I fell down.

I was able to shop the sale before it opened to the public and wow, the prices are unbelievable. I haven’t splurged on clothing since… 2008? When I buy clothes, I wear them into the ground. But almost 10 years, a husband, and two kids later, I deserved some new clothes. Nothing fits like it used to after pregnancy wreaks havoc on your body. I didn’t have hips before and it was fabulous. Now? Let’s not even get into that. So below are my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m going to link everything, but beware, a lot might already be sold out. There are talks of restocking – the sale runs until August 6th. Here we go!


Zella Live In leggings here

Zella Moto Leggings here

Zella Crop Leggings here

All of these leggings are high waist and amazing for pregnancy, postpartum and mom life every day. Mine finally came in the mail and there’s a very good chance that I’m never taking them off. Also, at this price point, they’re cheaper than Victoria Secret leggings, which is all I’d ever buy before. Total steal!

I’m going to continue updating this post as my orders come in, but if you order anything at all, run and grab those leggings!

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