Top 5 Recipes of 2017

I admit, I don’t like to cook all year round. Fall and winter? Cooking machine. Spring and summer? I’m a takeout kind of girl. But these recipes have been made repeatedly this year, and I get asked SO MUCH for the links. So I figured I’ll put them all in one place for you. Top 5 Recipes asked for on social media, ready? Here we go!

Slow Roasted Sweet Potatoes with spicy garlic chickpeas and blue cheese sauce is my JAM. I’m sad this recipe just made it to the list, but these are so perfect to make ahead and then pop in the microwave/oven for a quick lunch instead of cooking.

French Onion Gnocchi Casserole. Need I say more? This dish is absolutely incredible. We had it along side steak with horseradish sauce and holy smokes, it was so damn good. It’s such a great side dish but could also be a main entree, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.

Simple golden curry. Unfortunately I don’t use a recipe, but I’ll link the curry I used to make it. Onions, carrots, potatoes go into a pot and simmer in savory sauce and it’s so homey and warm. You can add meat as well (pork, chicken, beef) but I choose not to. A majority of people serve this with rice but I find the potatoes to be enough carbs for me.

Keeping with the curry trend, this curried butternut squash soup is killer. It’s vegan, dairy free and just so savory and delicious! Even my 5 year old eats it, and asks for it over and over again! Definitely a must-try.

And last but certainly not least, these croque monsieur sandwiches. They give me all the heart eyes, and I could eat at least 2 or 3 in one sitting. Not saying that I have… But omg go make them. Also add Dijon mustard. Brings it to a whole other level!

By no means are these healthy choices, but they are too delicious not to share! And let’s be real, no one is starting their diet until 2018 and that means you have three weeks to try these recipes before its time to hop to the gym. Enjoy friends!


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