give yourself g r a c e

As I sit here in the silence while my youngest is napping, I start to reminisce on my day thus far. Was I as patient as I could’ve been with my kids? Probably not. Did I snap on my daughter’s song choice in the car because I didn’t make time for breakfast for myself? There’s a very good chance. All simple things that can just tip you right over the edge.  I was never this quick to get angry before I had kids. I truly thought that kids would make me more patient and refine me. LOL NOPE.

My living room is covered in sour cream and cheddar Ruffles. My toddler emptied an entire package of wipes on to the carpet because I was upstairs getting dressed, and well, because he could. I mean, who wouldn’t do that when they’re bored? It doesn’t matter how productive I am in the morning, I’m always failing at all things housewife related by the late afternoon. Take this morning – I actually got dressed and put makeup on for once, so I didn’t look like the walking dead at preschool drop-off again. I put towels in the washer, dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on. Hey, guess what? Towels didn’t make it to the dryer. Dishes are clean and still in the dishwasher. It’s 2pm. AND THAT’S OKAY.

I’ve been trying to give myself some g r a c e lately. It’s really hard for me though. I’m very type A and don’t like mess. I tidy whenever I get the chance and best believe I wipe down my counters and sweep my floors about three times a day, at least. I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter how many hours are in a day, I’ll never get it all done. I’m not perfect. NO ONE IS. This post has been sitting in my drafts since July and it really resonated with me today, in this social media world. Perfect squares are pretty to look at, but they aren’t real life. Hell, if you want to see real life, watch my Instagram stories. Most times I’m losing my mind and putting my craziness on there brings me back down to Earth when I get flooded with messages about how other moms are having “that kind of day” too.

So if your life is perfect, LIVE IT. If it isn’t, LIVE IT ANYWAY. Life is too short to be comparing one another, buying likes + followers on Instagram and being so self-conscious about the type of picture you post because it *might* not get enough likes. Who cares. Be known for your kindness, not for your follower count. Stop comparing yourself to strangers on the internet 😉

*steps off soapbox*


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