Skincare at 27ish

ALRIGHT PEOPLE. I’m going to say something and you’re probably going to hate me. But it’s the truth, and it’s slightly terrible. I use to never wash my makeup off unless I showered. It’s gross. I get it. I just never wanted to take the time to do it, and my skin has always been completely fine […]

give yourself g r a c e

As I sit here in the silence while my youngest is napping, I start to reminisce on my day thus far. Was I as patient as I could’ve been with my kids? Probably not. Did I snap on my daughter’s song choice in the car because I didn’t make time for breakfast for myself? There’s […]

DIY White Kitchen Cabinets

The request for this post has been overwhelming! I totally understand why though. I did exactly what everyone else does when wanting to refresh their kitchen – scour the internet for tutorials and images, and find the most budget friendly way to accomplish it! This was definitely a time-consuming task, and without the help of […]

Top 5 Recipes of 2017

I admit, I don’t like to cook all year round. Fall and winter? Cooking machine. Spring and summer? I’m a takeout kind of girl. But these recipes have been made repeatedly this year, and I get asked SO MUCH for the links. So I figured I’ll put them all in one place for you. Top […]

A Day in the Life #2

I got great response the last time I did one of these, so I figured I’d do another one! My goal is to blog twice a week, but it’s been a busy season so far since school started. This was Monday, October 16th, our ninth anniversary. Here we go!

6:34am – LJ wakes up. He’s been waking around 4ish, crying loud enough to wake everyone up, and then falling back asleep, so seeing 6:30 on the clock is sweet relief.

6:46am – Go get LJ and Sophia from their rooms and head downstairs. Milk for LJ, yogurt for Sophia. She sounds terrible (has a head cold) so I make a mental note to assess her as it gets closer to 8am.

7am – Put on a show for the kids, get coffee started for me, because #kids

7:12am – LJ is yelling for breakfast. He’s obsessed with Lender’s onion bagels and cream cheese. Sophia asks for one too. Make breakfast.

Image result for lenders onion bagelImage result for philadelphia cream cheese

*silence for 4 minutes*

7:16am – LJ yelling that he’s done and covered in cream cheese. Clean him up, get him out of his highchair, and notice Sophia hasn’t touched her food.

7:30am – Sophia still hasn’t eaten her breakfast, so I make the executive decision to keep her home from school.

8am – Jay gets home from the gym, packs his lunch and heads up for a shower before work.

8:12am – Head upstairs and grab clothes for the kids, start getting myself dressed and put together. We go to the library on Monday mornings (usually after dropping Sophia off) for some play time and story time starts at 11am.

8:43am – Jay leaves for work.

*Tons of yelling and running up and down the stairs between now and leaving for the library*

9:39am – Leave for library.

10am-12pm – Library fun! Not really, LJ was kind of a nightmare.

12:02pm – Leave library and head home. Answer one million questions on why we aren’t stopping at Chick Fil A or Target before heading home.

12:12pm – Home. Get inside, get lunch started for Sophia and I, and get milk for LJ. He eats lunch after his afternoon naps.

12:28pm – LJ is up for a nap, thank goodness. Sophia is eating some soup, and I finally get to sit down and eat some pierogies in peace.

12:30-1:55pm – LJ naps. 35 minutes too short because SOMEONE had to run upstairs and yell about her hair troubles and wake him up. Oh well.

1:56pm – Grab LJ from upstairs, try and calm him down. Fail miserably. Totally wishing I had sent Sophia to preschool this morning.

2:02pm – Get some lunch together for LJ.  He refuses it, so he eats a little organic fruit + vegetable pouch. I often wonder what this child runs on when he skips meals completely. Do other peoples’ toddlers skip meals completely? I never know what’s normal.

Image result for buddy fruit pouchesImage result for motts organic applesauce pouches

2:30pm – Finally start laundry. Nothing like getting things accomplished too late in the day.

4:30pm – Bring Sophia to ballet.

5pm – Drop Sophia at ballet and find something to do for 50 minutes during her class with a toddler. It’s never fun. We end up at CVS browsing the aisles and leaving with a bag of chips. Mom of the year over here!

6:20pm – Home and shoving dinner at the kids before grabbing pajamas.

And everything after this is a complete blur. Kids are in bed at 7pm, which is when I  updated this post, but then that’s where it was left off. Mom brain is real and I truly can’t remember what this night consisted of. It was our anniversary, but we didn’t end up doing anything. To be honest, we were probably in bed asleep at 8:30!

Hope you enjoyed another one of these “day in the life” posts. They’re a little harder to put together now because I’m so busy on preschool days, I feel like I don’t stop moving until the kids are asleep and then I want to crash too.