Remember when you were pregnant for the first time and you found the need to buy #allthethings? Yeah, me either. Luckily, I was a nanny before I had my first and boy, did I learn a ton. It was a great preview of what was to come, and in the best way possible. I learned … Continue reading Essentials

Friday Things

I never realize how much I totally slack on blogging until I go to post, and see the date on my last post. Ooops. Here’s a picture of cuteness to apologize.   I feel like I have twelve billion different topics and questions that I could write about, but I think that whatever explodes from … Continue reading Friday Things

Sunday Things

The weather has been incredibly perfect lately. Morning walks are becoming the norm for Sophia and I and she really seems to enjoy them. They break up our mornings since some days she wakes up earlier than others.   As picture above entails, she’s also pretty obsessed with bringing all of her favorite animals with … Continue reading Sunday Things